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I wrote these stories(except for the maked ones that have been written by others) specifically for those who like sneezing. If you like any of them and want to use them for anything, please ask my permission first and post a link to my page. Thank you.
Additionally, if there is a certian type or genre(scifi-fantasy, historical fiction, more romance, more/less adult situations, etc) of story you would like to see, please e-mail me and I'll write one ASAP! :)
And a word of caution- Don't read the ones for adults if you're not prepared for them! They're marked +18 for a reason!

Bad Cold
This cold is too much for my shirt sleeve.
Go get me a Kleenex- and fast.
I sniffle I wheeze
And I'm ready to sneeze
And I don't knw how long I can last...

Atchh- it's too wet for a Kleenex,
So bring me a hankerchief, quick.
It's- atchoo- no joke,
Now the hankerchief's soaked.
Hey, a dish towel just might do the trick.

Atchoo- it's too much for a bath towel.
There never has been such a cold.
I'll be better off
With that big table cloth
No- bring me the flag off the pole.

Atchoo- bring the clothes from the closet.
Atchaa- get the sheets from the bed,
The drapes off the window,
The rugs off the floor
To soak up this cold in my head.

Atchoo- hurry down to the circus
And ask if they'll lend you a tent.
You say they said yes?
Here is come- Lord be blessed-
Here it is- Ah-kachoooo -there it went.
~Shel Silverstein, Falling Up p61

Deck 1
I.The HoneymoonWhat happens to a couple to bring them closer the night of their Honeymoon...~tarotgal
II.The College Students+18Two students out on an anniversary date turned wrong~tarotgal
III.The Lovers+18Two sneezing fetishists go exploring~tarotgal
IV.The KnightA knight and company start on a journey they may not get to finish~tarotgal
V.The BookstoreThe guy behind the couter's got a cold, but who is he really?~tarotgal
VI.The Story of Michael+18A guy's got bad allergies, but it's not all bad for the girl who likes him anon
VII.The Internet Attraction +18Two sneezing fetishists meet in real life to fulfill their fantasies~tarotgal
VIII.The Perfect ProfessionPG13The story of one man's career, and the people he sees~tarotgal
IX.The DiscoveryPG13A college-aged woman's dreams, and brave attempt at making one come trueJ.B.
X.The Ideal Episode+18A terrific X-Files Fanfic story in which Mulder catches a coldanon
XI.The Day of Ecstasy+18A woman discovers her love for sneezing, and for a man named David~tarotgal
XII.The Cold+18A woman "consoles" her husband as he battles with a cold... and discusses her desires~tarotgal
XIII.The Infected EducatorA really great story about a teacher who gets sick but doesn't let that stop himDarkman
XIV.The Secret AgentAgent 007 catches a cold... but it's Michael who feels the worst of it as he comes home to his wifeKaren

Deck 2
I.The Train TripA couple sets off cross country but encounters an unexpected virus...~tarotgal
II.The LibraryA true account of one glorious moment in the libraryanon
III.The CrushA true account of an attractive guy's wonderful sneezesanon
IV.The Afternoon of Pleasure +18A gay couple experiences an afternoon of passion they won't soon forget~tarotgal
V.The EncounterA young girlfriend and boyfriend share a few moments as he comes down with a horrible coldanon
VI.The PracticeA fanfic story of the television show "The Practice" which revolves around Bobby and RebeccaDawn
VII.The Exploration+18A quiet night at home for a couple turns into more than either ever dreamed of~tarotgal
VIII.The Job InterviewAn AMAZING story about a woman who just can't help but notice a poor guy with terrible allergiesanon
IX.The FriendshipA strong friendship is pushed to the limits due to the influence of a simple cold~tarotgal
X.The Study DateA cold catches two friends off guard one hot, summer afternoonanon
XI.The Camping TripPG13A couple, a romance, and a cold. End of story. :-) This one was the product of several days on the road during vacation...~tarotgal
XII.The Plane TripA marvelous story of two lovebirds and their trip to Italy who encounters trouble in the most romantically, perfect wayComet
XIII.StandStillA small plan is hatched and carried out to actionanon
XIV.Ashley's High Altitude AdventurePG13Ashley's curiousity and fantasy are lived out in the most unexpected of waysanon

Deck 3
I.The Ski TripA man and a woman who get to know each other a little better during a ski tripanon
II.Timing is NothingA Story about a Scottish man with a "cold," and his dealings with his girlfriend~tarotgal
III.Snow DaysThe field trip started out fine, but for Jeff and his friend Kris it had an unexpected twistanon
IV.Nice Day+18A second honeymoon, a failed marriage, and a can of pepper...anon
V.The Not So Avererage Day of High SchoolWith the morning already off to a bad start, poor Jeff suffers from allergy attack to allergy attack, not escaping the notice of Jennifer...anon
VI.The Grocery StoreA couple takes a much-needed outing to the grocery store, but Jack gets a bit more than a case of denialanon
VII.Just an Ordinary DaySam's sneezes are one of a kind, and noticed by everyone... but a bit moreso by his coworker, Kellyanon
VIII.A Christmas StoryChris and Sarah are reunited for the holidays, but poor Chris becomes a victim of the dreaded winter cold...anon
IX.A Sneeze Between FriendsSpending a night together in a hotel after a gig makes two friends realize a few things they hadn't counted onWolfie
X.Amy and Brad+18A night brings more excitement for amy and Brad than they had predictedanon
XI.In the Closet+18Max has a dream... and Kevin has a "condition"anon
XII.In the Closet p2: Calming Kevin+18Kevin has some trouble adjusting, and Max is there for himanon
XIII.The Power of Paul+18A Painter, and a Birthday Present to never forgetanon
XIV.Making Love to Matt+18Even though Matt worked too much, there was always room for...anon

Deck 4
I.Help Me, My Love!+13Bill and Todd were in the work out room of their condominium pumping iron How's that for a beginning?anon
II.When I Met HimThe romantic meeting which would turn into so much moreanon
III.The Perfect NightSecrets are told and hearts are poured out in this sweet storyanon
IV.A Brush with KindnessPoor Cory... *G*VATERGrrl
V.It's All in the Cards+18Little Oliver's never had a cold before, and Aurora couldn't be happier!~tarotgal
VI.Release+18Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam) isn't feeling too well...~tarotgal
VII.Without Control+18Dustin: typical tough macho man with a cold~tarotgal
VIII.LoveA camping trip gone quite wrong for one couple~tarotgal
IX.LuckSequel to Love, in which the couple takes a trip to the amusement park~tarotgal
X.Lights... Camera... Action+18Drama, Secrets, Romance, and Passion unfold for a gay couple in the first TOS novella~tarotgal
XI.The Val StoryVal Kilmer fakes a cold to cover himselfComet
XII.On His Own+18Alone at home one night, Paul has a sneezing fit he'll never forgetanon
XIII.Charm and SweetnessA nervous recruitee, and a recruiter with a cold~tarotgal
XIV.Cold SlumbersPG13Neil, a tough frat boy, catches a cold on the verge of Spring Break~tarotgal

Deck 5
I.Bonding Through His Pathetic DisplayEd Roland and Piper do some quality joking, teasing, and bondingPiper
II.InsightA Phantom of the Opera Fanfic, set a few years after the original book & musical~tarotgal
III.Lynn's VisitA wonderful sequel to 'A Brush with Kindness' with the continuing story of poor CoryVATERGrrl
IV.Getting CloserThe third of the series with Cory and Lynn... wherein Lynn seems to have gotten a little too close to CoryVATERGrrl
V.StanAn interesting albeit one-sided e-mail convo between Stan and SlimEternuer
newVI.House CallContinuing the story of Cory and Lynn (a few sneezes from Cory, but mostly Lynn is sick and he takes very good care of her) :-)VATERGrrl
newVII.RevelationsIn which a secret is revealed (and both parties don't seem to be doing too well) VATERGrrl

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