NOTE: +18

Additionally: This story contains homosexual behavior

If you are easily offended by such, do not read.

Husani got home late from another 10-hour day at work. There was silence in the apartment.

He smiled and padded softly into the bedroom where he beheld a beautiful sight. Matt was lying in bed. His shirt on and open, revealing his beautiful chest. His legs bare except for his shorts and his black stretch nylon businessmanís socks which made his feet look so sexy.

Husani didnít hesitate. He went to the foot of the bed and began to run his hands over Mattís big warm voluptuous feet.

Matt moaned in his sleep. Husani smiled as he applied a firm but smooth pressure to Mattís feet, making him squirm and point his toes with pleasure.

Then Husani stood up and removed the full African suit he was wearing, let down his dreadlocks and slid into bed directly on top of Matt, his lover for 4 years.

He loved Matt with all his heart and soul. But Matt worked too hard. Thatís where theyíd met, at the office.

Matt was in a very high-pressure financial job. He was in charge, in control all day. He needed someone to take charge of him.

"Hi" Husani whispered down at Matt. As he settled his weight on him.

"MMMMMmm, hi there. Your home late. Iím pooped." Matt sighed.

"You looked so good I thought Iíd come up for a visit."

"Yea well, Iím not going to be much company tonight. Iím exhausted. Can you get up?"

"No. I canít. I think Iím stuck." Husani replied with a wicked grin. Simultaneously, he started to grind his hardening penis into Mattís and rub his feet against Mattís.

"Mmmm, please....stop" Matt moaned a weak plea. Husani knew he was getting ready.

Matt needed to be coaxed, controlled when it came to sex. He spent so much time controlling others, he needed to be controlled in bed. And his weak helpless sounding pleas just made him all the more sexy.

"No...please...please donít make me." Matt sighed.

Husani never said a word. None where needed. He stretched his arm until he could reach the night table, and reach the antique writing pen they kept there. The one with the feather on the end.

With a look of complete love in his eyes he began to tickle Matts beautiful Irish nose. "Stop that...your going to make me sneeze! Stop it!" Matt pleaded with Husani. Getting harder with every passing second.

He needed Husani to make him sneeze, he needed it. Matt wasnít one of those men who exploded when he sneezed. His was much softer, warmer and sensual. He let out a little sound and his body would shudder from head to foot. One night, while making love they had made this discovery when Matt sneezed while on top of Husani, and now Matt liked to sneeze during sex all the time. He especially liked to be made to sneeze by his lover, giving him total control over him. It truly excited him.

Matt just lay there with his arms at his side, his lover on top of him tickling his nose with a feather when it started to happen.

"No...uhhhh...please...donít....make me sneeze please I,,,I,UUUhhhhh-shhhho!" Matt sneezed a subtle deep sounding sneeze and his body shook. The reverberation going through Husaniís body simultaneously.

"I....I...Iím begging you please....donít do this to me...I...I" Matt was trying to fight it. To prolong his pleasure. He knew he could handle the first few. It was the next ten he was afraid of The hard core sneezing fit that usually drove both of them over the edge to ecstasy.

"Iím gonna...., Iím gonna ...aaaaaasshhhooo!" A soft sexy hot breathed sneeze right into Husaniís face. He sighed with pleasure.

Then he put the feather down and just lay there looking at Matt.

Mattís eyes began to widen. Then water. He twitched his nose back and forth furiously. Husani thought he saw a slight smile on his loverís face.

"Oh God! Iím gonna......Iím really gonna...." Matt all but screamed. This was the moment Husani had waited all day for.

Matt suddenly threw his arms around Husani gripping him tightly in a bear hug. Husani then gripped the side of the bed and held on for dear life.

"Ahhhhh....Ahhhhhhhhh......ahhhhhhhhh....shooooo! Shoooooo!!! Ah Ah shoooooo!" Matt cut loose completely as he sneezed and sneezed. Bucking his rock hard penis against Husaniís driving them both wild. Husani was lost in passion and held on for the ride.

"Uhhhhhhhh-shooooo!" Matt exploded that time. Then he exploded from below as Husani did the same, pouring his love all over Matt.

They lay there spent. Husani breathing heavily, Matt giving one final soft little "choo!"

"Thanks" Matt sniffled. I need that.

Husani leaned over and kissed him. "I love you too."