Amy and Brad...a love story of sorts

Note: 18+

Amy sat on her front steps. It was a bright and sunny summer day in Connecticut. Signs of life were everywhere: butterflies pollinating nearby flowers, squirrels climbing up trees. As Amy sat in the sun, she excitedly thought about her upcoming date with Brad. Brad was her boyfriend of 2 years and even though they had been together for so long, each date was a thrill for both of them. But there was another reason that Amy like seeing Brad.. he had allergies.. bad allergies. Brad was allergic to almost everything someone could be allergic to. Because of this, she couldn't even wear perfume around him otherwise he would explode into a fit of uncontrollable sneezes.

Amy enjoyed this because she had a secret liking. or fetish if you will, about sneezing. She had never told Brad how she secretly got turned on every time he let go with a wet, powerful sneeze. But tonight, on their 2 year anniversary, Amy would let him in on the secret.

* * *

Brad drove up to Amy's condo and pressed the buzzer.

"It's me!"

"Come on up, Brad" chimed Amy's sweet voice.

As Brad walked up the stairs, he began to feel a faint but persistent tickle in his nose. "Not tonight," thought Brad. "It will ruin my date with Amy." If only Brad knew.

"Hey Brad." Amy said as the two greeted each other with the usual kiss. "I'm so excited for tonight, I can't wait to spend some time with you."

"I'm excited too, Amy." By this time, the tickle in Brad's nose had exploded into a full-fledge irritation. There was no way out of this one, so Brad decided to let go of it before it got worse. He turned to his side and sneezed 2 quick sneezes into the crook of his arm. "hah hahChoo! HuhChoo!"

"Bless you!" Amy said, secretly turned on. "Allergies acting up again?"

"Thanks. Yeah, they are. They are pretty! <<sniff>>. Brad sneezed into his hands "bad this time of year."

"Bless you. Aww, thatís to bad," she said as she kissed his nose. "Do you need a tissue before we go?"

"Yeah, please. Actually, get a couple. This will be long night."

"I hope so," thought Amy.

The ride to the restaurant was pretty uneventful. There had been 2 sneezes, but nothing spectacular, not enough to get Amy turned on. The two went into the fancy restaurant and sat in a quiet booth that Brad had reserved.

"I love this, Brad. It's soo romantic" cooed Amy as she leaned over to kiss him.

"And I love you, and there is nothing I wouldn't do for you" he said, leaning to kiss her back. As their lips met, Amyís hair, which was dark brown, angled and a bit above her shoulders, tickled the tip of Brads nose. Usually, this wouldn't bother him, but with his allergies acting up, it triggered a fit of sneezing. He pulled away from the kiss just in time to let them loose.

"Hah hah hahCHOO! HuhChoo! HatChoo! Choo! Choo! careful to keep the quiet because they were in public. <<sniff>>. Sorry Amy. Your hair tickled by dose," he said, sounding very stuffy.

Amy, pasting an apologetic expression on her face, was secretly delighted. "I'm so sorry honey. Lets get the food for takeout and go back to your place, Brad."

Brad who was still feeling very sneezy simply nodded. The two got their food and headed back to Brads apartment.

"Geez Amy, I have to sneeze, but its stuck in my nose. It tickles."

"Oh, poor baby," said Amy. "Thatís the worse feeling. Brad.. I have something to tell you, but I don't know how you'll react. Promise you won't get you know, weird?"

"Of course Amy. You know you could tell me anything."

"Well, its a secret fetish I have.. sneezing."


"Yeah Brad. It really turns me on to see you sneeze, how powerless and cute you look."

"So, you mean all this time.."


Brad grinned. "So, we could do something pretty interesting tonight, huh Amy?"

Amy smiled with delight. "I'm up for it if you are."

"Anything to please you."

And so the two drove eagerly homeward, speaking about sneezing and Brad even letting go a few "HatChoo's" himself. As the two entered the house, Amy went into the bathroom to get changed. She had been to Brads house so often that she had some of her clothes there, just in case. She came out in the pale pink lingerie that Brad had bought her for their 2 month anniversary. Brad was in his boxers, on the bed.

"Lets go," he said, sounding adorably stuffy.

"Do you have to sneeze?" Amy said seductively as she climbed on top of him.

"I have to, but I think its stuck. I could need a little help."

Amy started to massage Brads nose until she could hear him building up. His buildups were always quiet but Amy knew he was about to let go of some big sneezes.

"Hah hah ah.." nothing. "Its stuck again! We'll need something stronger."

Amy hopped out of bed and ran into the hallway. She found just what she was looking for: The cat from across the hall. It practically ran to her, and jumped all over her. After she had a decent amount of hair and dander on her she ran back to Brads room. Brad, however, did not know what she had done. Amy jumped on the bed a safe distance away, so as not to start too early. "Come over hear Brad.. nice and close."

Brad slid over to Amy and the damage was done. The dander had successfully entered the nose of poor Brad. His teary, red eyes were shut and his mouth was half open, prepared to sneeze.

"It's! HatChoo! HuhChoo!" His body swayed forward with each powerful sneeze as Amy got into the 69 position with him. He entered her with more powerful sneezes. "HaChoo! HaChoo! Hachoo! Hachoo! HuhCHoo!"

Amy moved away, so as not to get the fun over with so soon. She had almost orgasmed, but she pulled away just in time.

"Oh Brad.. talk to me, tell me how you feel."

Brads eyes were half closed, ready to sneeze. "I feel stuffy, id tickles a dot. I can't seeb to sdneeze yet..hah hah hah.."

"Have a tissue honey," Amy said as she handed him the box.

Thaks." Blowing his nose extracted one final sneeze, but overall, it seemed to do the trick. "So, what now, Amy?"

"I think I know" Amy said. She retrieved the flowers that Brad had givenher. "Take a sniff of these honey."

Brad took the flowers obediently and inhaled the sweet scent of roses. "Oh God.." he said. "I'm gonna sdneeze"

"Hold it back Brad, Hold it back."

She went over to him once more as he entered her.

"Hah hah hah..dis is killing be."

As she saw Brads face, contorting wildly as he tried to hold back the oncoming sneezes, Amy got incredibly turned on. All at once she orgasmed. This caused Brad to completely lose control.

"Hah Choo! Sorry Aby. I couldn't help id." Brad all at once became erect and came into her. She again orgasmed like she had never orgasmed before. Brad let go several more sneezes.

"HatCHoo! HatChoo! Damn.. Damn.. Hachoo! Damn Roses!"

Amy began to feel that Brad wasn't enjoying this as much as she was. "Brad Honey, we can stop.."

"Do, dot be silly. I love that you get pleased by dis."

She smiled at Brad and as she lay in his arms, the two feel asleep after an incredible night of passion.

* * *

The next morning, Amy awoke to Brads sneezing. She rolled over and kissedhis sore red nose.

"Moring Sweetie."

"Mornig Hon. Sorry to wake you.. hahChoo!"

"Don't apologize. You were terriffic last night."

"Thaks. I tried," he said, blushing slightly. "I wish that I didn't have allergies," he said. He blew his nose into a well used tissue and discarded it. "They are such a pain. They're even worse if I catch a cold."

"Well, its a good thing people don't get colds in the summer, isn't it hon?" said Amy.

"Oh, not me. I always somehow manage to get one. In fact, my throat feels really scratchy. I hope I'm not coming down with one."

Amy was thinking of the possibilities. Brad was adorable when he was sick, his dirty blonde hair all ruffled up and his perfect nose all red.

"hahchoo! Hahchoo!" Brad sneezed into the crook of his arm.

"Bless you! Maybe you are coming down with something," Amy said as she retrieved the thermometer. She put it in his Ear. "1..2..3.. 99.8" she said. "Guess who has a cold?" she grinned.

Brad sighed, sinking into the covers. "I feel terrible now."

Amy leaned over to kiss his sore nose. Apparently, she did so too lightly. Bradís nose began to twitch wildly.

"hah hah hah Choo! hah Choo! HahChoo! huhChoo!!"

"I'm so sorry sweetie! I didn't mean to." She got him a Kleenex from the night before, for the other ones were all used up. "She held it up to his nose. "Here, blow."

Brad did so obediently but soon after, he wish he didn't. The Kleenex was dusty and full of cat dander. He let go explosively into the crook of his arm.

"huhchoo! huhChoo! huhchoo.. choo.. choo.. ah ah choo!"

"Oh Brad, maybe I'd better go" said Amy, in tears because of the anguish she had caused Brad. "I'm so sorry" she cried.

"No hodey," he sniffed. "I would love it if you stayed here to take care of be." He reached over and pulled her to his bedside. "I love you so much."

Amy, who now had tears streaming down her face, smiled at him. "I love you too," she sniffed. She would be there to take care of him no matter what, forever.