Ashley's High Altitude Experience

Ashley made her way down the crowded aisle of the airplane until she finally came to her seat and plopped down in exhaustion. She had just finished up a long week of meetings and was really looking forward to getting home. Looking at the empty window seat next to her, she really hoped it would remain empty so that she could spread out during the flight home.

Just as she was finishing that thought, an attractive man in his mid-thirties, about 6 feet tall, muscular build, dark brown hair with just a hint of gray, stopped next to her seat. "Ah, excuse me, I believe I'm in the seat next to you."

Smiling tiredly, Ashley stood up and moved out of the way so that the stranger could take his seat. He looked as though he was also returning from a business trip. He carried his briefcase and laptop computer with him and was wearing a very expensive suit that was obviously tailored exclusively for him. In fact, as Ashley got a closer look at him, it appeared that this week may have been even rougher on him than it had been on her. His eyes were puffy and bloodshot, and his nose looked red and swollen. After the stranger seated himself, Ashley took her seat, and they both proceeded to bury themselves in their work.

Shortly after the plane took off, Ashley was engrossed in notes from the past week's seminar when a sharp intake of breath made her look to her right. The man sitting next to her had raised his finger to his nose and had the classic pre-sneeze expression frozen on his face. As soon as Ashley noticed he was battling with an approaching sneeze, her attention became immediately captivated. For as long as she could remember, Ashley had been fascinated by sneezing. Something about the gradual, dramatic build-up and the eventual release turned her on immensely. The most incredible turn-on Ashley could imagine was a man sneezing a long series of dramatically built-up sneezes. Once, when she was in college, a male classmate had a severe allergy attack during a lecture and sneezed repeatedly for over 30 minutes before finally leaving the room. By the time the performance was over, Ashley was certain she had had an orgasm, albeit a very different one from the ones she had during sex. She had to struggle to control her breathing, and at the end of lecture, she barely had the energy to walk out of class.

As Ashley watched, captivated, the man sitting next to her continued to struggle with the building sneeze with a series of starts and stops. "Uhh...uhhhhhh...," then a pause of a few seconds, then again "huh...uhhhhhh...uhhhhhh," but no sneeze. Ashley forced herself to turn her head away just enough that she would not not appear to be staring but could still see him out of the corner of her eye. While she continued staring at the stranger, she struggled to control the intense feelings of sexual desire that were growing inside of her. Just when she thought she couldn't stand it anymore, the stranger finally let loose with a "uhhh...uhhhhhhhhhhhh...aaachooooo!" This beautiful, perfect sneeze seemed to trigger a sneezing fit, because as Ashley watched, fascinated, the man proceeded to helplessly sneeze one sneeze after another, as he struggled to find the handkerchief in his briefcase. "Hetchooo! Ahh...hachoo! Atchhhhh! Hahhhhchoooo!" After two or three minutes of this, he finally let loose with an especially large sneeze that seemed to end the fit. "Ahhhhh... hahhhhhchoooooooo!"

Sure that her face must have been very flushed by that time, Ashley looked down at her notes as she murmured a polite "Bless you."

"Thank you," replied the stranger as he proceeded to blow his nose thoroughly several times. While he was in the midst of blowing his nose, Ashley sneaked a sideways glance at him. He really was incredibly attractive, and Ashley was more turned on than she could remember being in several years. It suddenly occurred to her that this might be her golden opportunity. For years, Ashley had fantasized about having sex with a man in the midst of a sneezing fit. And here was an attractive, single man (she had noticed the lack of a ring on his finger) who had just finished one of the worst sneezing attacks Ashley had ever witnessed. It wasn't like she would ever see him again, she reasoned, and the worst he could say was no. She could broach the subject carefully, and if he didn't show any signs of being interested, she could immediately back off. Gathering up her courage, Ashley decided to take the plunge.

She turned to the man and said, "That sounds like a really bad cold you've got there."

"Oh, it's not a cold, it's my allergies," replied the man. "They're especially bad this time of year."

Hoping to keep him talking, Ashley said, "It seems strange that your allergies would bother you so much on an airplane. I mean, it's not like there's any pollen around here."

"Yes, but unfortunately, my allergies aren't limited to pollen," he replied. I'm allergic to dust, fur, perfume, you name it."

"Perfume...oh my gosh!" Ashley exclaimed. "You must be allergic to my perfume!"

"I suppose that could be it."

"Well..." Ashley began, thinking that it was now or never, "I suppose I could go wash it off. But I have something to confess." Ashley leaned closer to the man and said in a hushed, seductive tone, "I've always been fascinated by sneezing, and your allergy attack really turned me on."

She sat back and looked expectantly at him, waiting to gauge his reaction to her words. At first his eyebrows shot up in an expression of surprise, but then the corners of his mouth turned up in a smile as his face became slightly red with embarrassment. "Wow..." he breathed, "I never imagined that I could turn anyone on with my allergies. That's pretty cool."

"So you're not upset that I told you that?" she asked.

"Upset? No, not at all! In fact," he looked slightly embarrassed, "I was thinking ever since I sat down how attractive you were, so knowing that I was turning you on is pretty exciting. I mean, I have to confess, I've always thought of my allergies as more of a turn-off. I've always imagined that I must look like a total geek when I'm in the middle of a sneezing attack."

"You, look like a geek? I don't think that's possible," Ashley replied, giving him her most flirtatious smile. "In fact," she began, looking around to make sure no one was listening, "I was hoping that maybe you wouldn't mind sneezing some more. I could put on some more of my perfume."

"Well," he said, "I feel pretty self-conscious sneezing in public. I don't like knowing that everyone is probably staring at me. Not that I wouldn't do it for you, but perhaps we could go somewhere more private when the plane lands."

Ashley had no intention of ever seeing this man again after the plane landed, so she had another idea. "How about following me back to the bathroom? It's private in there, and no one would ever have to know what went on back there."

He grinned and wiggled his eyebrows seductively, indicating that he obviously liked the idea. "You know," he began casually, "I suddenly have the urge to visit the restroom. Care to join me?"

Ashley, enjoying herself immensely and anticipating what was to come, flirted right back. "Why, yes indeed I would." She grabbed the bottle of perfume from her purse and headed for the back of the plane before he could say another word. Looking back to make sure he knew where she was going, she ducked into one of the lavatories. Once inside, her heart racing furiously, Ashley took a moment to calm herself before dousing her wrists and neck generously with perfume. I can't believe this is about to happen, she thought. My ultimate fantasy is about to come true.

Just then there was a knock at the door. Taking one last quick look in the mirror, Ashley opened the door. There he was, grinning like a kid at Christmas. Before he had a chance to say anything, she grabbed him by the necktie and pulled him inside, closing and locking the door. Well, here goes, she thought.

To her utter delight, she could see that he was beginning to react to her perfume almost immediately. His nose had begun to twitch visibly, and he was rubbing the sides of it as he seductively looked her up and down. Without saying a word, Ashley closed the lid to the toilet seat and motioned for him to sit down. She hiked her skirt up just enough to straddle him, as she began removing his necktie. By this point, she could see that he was beginning to struggle with a building sneeze.

"Talk to me," she whispered as she discarded the necktie and began working on the buttons of his shirt. "Tell me what's happening to you, what it feels like. Describe your sneezes to me."

"Well, I'll tr...huhh...ahh...try," he began unsteadily, struggling to containing the building sneeze. "My n- no...ahhh...nose keeps tingling and I...uhhhh...uhhhhhhhh...don't know h- h- how much longer I can huhhh...hold back." Ashley watched and listened in a state of pure ecstasy. She couldn't believe how turned on she had become so quickly, watching his face contort and his nose twitch as he tried not to sneeze. Unable to hold back any longer, Ashley pulled her skirt up the rest of the way and shoved her hand down the front of her panties, proceeding to masturbate as she watched him trying not to sneeze.

He, having noticed Ashley's extreme state of arousal, became instantly aroused himself. She noticed his erection through the fabric of his pants almost immediately, which turned her on even more. He began to groan and rub the front of his crotch, and in the process seemed to forget about holding off his sneezing fit. He suddenly gasped sharply, and although he quickly raised his finger to his nose to try and stop the sneeze, it was too late.

"Haahhhhhhh.....hahhhhhh...hetchhhhhhooooooo!" He let loose with a glorious, massive sneeze that nearly sent Ashley over the edge. True to form, this first sneeze was followed by a series of smaller, quicker, but no less exciting sneezes. "Achhooo! Hahhh...achooo! Huhh..achhhhh! Achhoooo!" As he helplessly sneezed one sneeze after another, Ashley lost all self-restraint and shoved her crotch up against his, gyrating wildly. "Sneeze on me!" she cried, as she grabbed his face and began kissing him as he continued to sneeze. At first he tried to pull away, but Ashley held his face close. "Achooo!" She felt the spray from his sneeze on her cheek, and she knew it wouldn't be long before she had an orgasm. Seeing what he was doing to her, he let himself go, sneezing on her face, her neck, and finally raising up her shirt to sneeze right onto her breasts. "Achooo! Achoooo! Huhhh....Uhhhhhhhhh....Hahhhhchooo!" With the last sneeze he pulled down one of the cups of her bra and hungrily proceeded to suck on Ashley's hardened nipple, sniffling loudly.

"Oh, yes, yes, yes," Ashley moaned as she writhed wildly under his touch. "If you could just sneeze one more time," she panted breathlessly, "I'm sure you'd make me come. I'm so close!"

Needing no further encouragement, he removed her breast from his mouth and put his nose up to her neck, inhaling deeply. "Oh god," he moaned, "I h...hope...hope you're ready, I huhhh...thiiii...think it's gonna be a hahhhhh...a big one!"

"Yes!" Ashley screamed. "Sneeze for me, baby, yes!"

"Here it co...hahhhhhh...huhhhhhhhhhhh...comes-haaaachhhoooooo!!"

Ashley screamed in wild abandon, experiencing the best orgasm of her life as he simultaneously sneezed a massive sneeze right between her breasts. She threw her head back and panted, slowly recovering from an experience beyond any she had thought possible. After regaining her breath, she slowly raised her head to find that he had removed his incredibly erect penis from his pants and was furiously masturbating as he stared at Ashley with a look of intense desire. Sweet Jesus, Ashley thought as she stared at the most beautiful specimen of manhood she had ever laid eyes on, not only does he have allergies, but a nine-inch penis to boot. This has got to be a dream.

"Was that good for you?" he asked breathlessly, continuing to masturbate.

"Good? Are you serious?" she asked increduously. "That was the most incredible experience of my life! As if you didn't know," she laughed. "But it's not fair that I should get to have all the fun. Do you have a condom?"

"I thought you'd never ask," he replied as he quickly removed a foil packet from his back pocket.

"Let me," Ashley said as she took the condom out of the packet and proceeded to roll it down all nine inches of him. "I must say, you certainly exceeded all of my expectations." She stood up and quickly removed her panties before straddling him again. "Before we begin, would like to feel what you've done to me?"

"Oh yes," he breathed as Ashley slowly guided his hand to her soaking wet crotch. "Wow," he smiled, incredulous. "It seems as though you're more than ready."

"And so are you, from the looks of things." She leaned over and kissed him full on the mouth as she repositioned herself and slowly guided him inside of her. She began rocking back and forth, slowly at first, getting used to having such a large penis inside of her. Suddenly it occurred to her that he had stopped sneezing. Reaching behind her, Ashley grabbed the perfume bottle off of the sink and sprayed a generous amount of mist into the air.

"You little vixen," he grinned devilishly, noticing what she had just done. "You really can't get enough, can you?"

Ashley laughed, watching his face scrunch up as his nose began to twitch. "Don't hold them back this time," she whispered in his ear. "I want to feel the full power of your sneezes as you fuck me."

"Your wish is my comma-" he broke off suddenly, the first sneeze already taking hold of him. Ashley watched in delight as his eyes closed, his mouth dropped open, he leaned his head back, and inhaled deeply. "Ahhhhh...ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...achhhhhhhhhhoooooooooo!!" He thrust forward as he sneezed, impaling himself even more deeply inside of her. Ashley nearly screamed in response, the sensations inside of her almost too much to bear. But he wasn't finished yet. After only a second or two, he was already inhaling for his second sneeze. "Ahhhhhh...achoooo!" He thrust forward again, creating a rhythm to match his sneezes, which then began coming one after another, with hardly enough pause for breath. "Achooo! Hah-achooo! Achooo! Achooo! Ahhhchooooo!"

"Oh god, I'm gonna come, I'm gonna come!" Ashley screamed as he thrust powerfully with each sneeze. Digging her hands into the back of his shoulders, she kissed him hard on the mouth to muffle the scream that accompanied her massive orgasm. He inhaled for one last sneeze as Ashley came, finally letting go with the biggest, most powerful sneeze yet--"Hahhhhhhhhchhhhhooooooooooooo!"--followed by a short series of grunts and groans as he orgasmed as well. A full minute passed before either said anything, both of them marveling at the intensity of the experience and trying to regain their breath.

Finally Ashley spoke. "Was that good for you?" she smiled at him, imitating his question from before.

"That was the best, most incredible sex of my life," he replied. "From now on, whenever I sneeze, I'll think of you and of this moment."

Still coming down from her euphoric high, Ashley kissed him as she slowly stood up and grabbed a handful of tissues. "Here's for your nose," she said, handing him a tissue, "and here's for the rest of you," as she handed him several more. Pulling on her panties and quickly straightening her skirt, she said "see you back at our seats," before ducking out of the lavatory.

Exhausted and elated, Ashley barely made it back to her seat before collapsing into the seat and falling asleep. That was just how he found her a couple minutes later, as he carefully climbed over her into his own seat. Before long, he was asleep as well.

Ashley woke up what seemed like hours later, just as they were announcing the arrival of the flight. She looked over at the man sleeping peacefully next to her and started to wake him up, then thought better of it. She waited patiently as the plane landed and taxied to the gate. People began gathering their things and preparing to de-plane, but the man next to her remained asleep. Wow, she thought with a smile, I must've really worn him out! Seeing that it was almost her turn to exit the plane, Ashley quickly scribbled him a note, stuck it in his pocket, grabbed her bags from overhead, and left the plane.

When all of the passengers had gotten off, a flight attendant noticed the man still asleep in his seat and went over to wake him. "Excuse me, sir," she said, shaking him gently. "It's time to get off the plane."

Waking up with a start, he jerked his head up and rubbed his eyes, trying to get his bearings. Suddenly remembering where he was and what had happened, he looked at the seat next to him. Noticing it empty, he was suddenly very disappointed. He had been hoping to get her number and see her again, but she apparently had other ideas. For all he knew, this might not be her final destination. He didn't even know her name.

As he stood up to gather his things, he noticed the corner of a piece of paper sticking out of his shirt pocket. He pulled it out and read it. "Thank you for giving me the most incredible sex of my life. I'll always remember you and the experience we shared." It was signed only A. As he stared at the brief note, he caught the faint scent of her perfume. Placing the paper next to his nose and inhaling, he realized that she must have sprayed the paper with her perfume. As his nose began to tingle, he smiled at the memory of the most fascinating, desirable woman he had ever met. "Huhhh...uhhhhhhhhhh...achoooooo!"