When I Met Him

I couldn't believe it! This handsome, blonde-haired, blue-eyed Virginian that was presently hailing from Southern California....and he thought I was hot?

Oh mother...what a rush

But then, I wasn't so bad myself really. And so we met. And wound up in the sack. Only about 5 minutes after we met actually. Love at first sight? Well, after 4 years together, I guess I have to admit that it's so........

Anyway.... we were together. And I had on Chanel No. 5. What I always wear, I used to wear Nina Riccci, L'air du Temps. But I ended that when my uncle died. Don't ask. Too damned annoying. He didn't much care for the scent. In fact, after about half an hour, his nose began to tickle.

"What's that scent?" he asked.

"Chanel." Said I.

"Ah." said he. "Pretty....but a bit of a problem. Eeeesschhoooo!"

"Bless you!", I said.

"Eeeesschhoooo!" said he. Annoyed at the interference, never knowing how much it meant to me.

Poor old dear. Sneezed his buns off that night... but stayed around as he noticed I wasn't turned off but his incapacity. And I don't wear Chanel often... unless I notice the light fading... the light can fade from his end or mine.... but Coco Chanel can always bring it back.

My thanks to that Lady of Fashion!