The Major Arcana
The Major Arcana is filled with a variety of strong sections from links and stories to pictures and movie clips. Explore its majesty and have a great time with its contents.

The Beginnings Media and stories about sneezing in our past and when we first noticed sneezing
The Fanfic Fanfic stories of various universes, celebreties, and tv shows/movies
The Picture Galleries A collection of pictures of men and women sneezing
Seeing is Believing A collection of videos of men, women and cartoon/computer images sneezing
newThe Comics Cartoons and comics feturing sneezing
The Television/Movies Listing Television shows and movies containing sneezing, including some you can buy
The Computer Things Wallpaper, postcards, cursors, themes, and more
The Survey andResults Surveys about sneezing, and their results
The Guys with Colds A special page about guys with colds
The Mixes Sound mixes of people sneezing
The Songs Clips and lyrics of songs containing sneezing
The Sneezing Art Drawings, doctored images, and other artistic expressions with sneezing
The Trivia Trivia about sneezing, colds, and allergies
The Observations Reported oberservations of people sneezing
The Newsletter Issues of a newsletter which first bound us together on the internet
The Fantasy Page Fantasy-related artwork, and stories about sneezing
The Reading List A list of books and periodicals which contain sneezing
The Stories  and The Poetry A list of stories and fanfiction on the internet which contain sneezing, and poetry about sneezing
The Listing A list of sneezes and descriptions
The Sneezing Pages, Forums, & Groups Listing of pages, forums, and groups about the sneezing "fetish" and pages by the "community" members
The International Search Words and phrases about sneezing in other languages
The Sneezing Links Internet sites about sneezing (cold pages, allergy pages)

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