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Sneezing Trivia

The following are factoids about sneezing. They are interesting facts that might be used to start a conversation with someone, or just to be read to expand your own knowledge about sneezing. If you have any more, don't hesitate to e-mail them my way!

General Facts
One sneeze propels up to 100,000 bacteria into the air at about 200mph (320km/h).
Sneezing whilst driving a car will mean that you are driving blind for 100 to 300 feet.
The handkerchief originated in China. French sailors returned from their travels in the 15th century, wearing couvrechefs on their heads. These were later carried as a fashion accessory and became known as handkerchiefs.
The word "sneeze" in other languages: German= NiesenCzech= kychat
Italian= sternutire
Romanian= stranut
Swedish= nyse
French= éternuer (to sneeze)
Hawaiian= kiheSwahili= chafya
Hungarian= tüsszénts
Spanish: Estornudo, Estornudar (to sneeze)
Japanese: Kushami, Kushami o suru (to sneeze)
The word "sternutation" is therefore from the Latin word for sneeze, sternuere.
The average force of a sneeze is 167 km/h (103.6 mph)

Facts about Colds
There are nearly 200 viruses known to cause colds.
More women catch colds than men but they are less severe.
Cold symptoms last anything from 4 -14 days.
Colds become less common as people get older. Children may have as many as ten a year, elderly people may have one a year, or none at all.
The common cold is the most common disease
After only 30 seconds' use, a handkerchief has been found to contain 15,000 germs.
Biologists believe that athletes have more colds than most people. This may be due to the undermining effect of competing on their immunity.
Body-builders are believed to be even more prone to colds. Their energy reserves go towards enlarging their muscles rather than defending the body against infection.
Although smokers suffer colds no more frequently than other people, they may find that their symptoms last longer.
Animals can catch colds too. Some of the species which may suffer include chimpanzees, gorillas, gibbons, orang-utans, horses, young cattle and cats.
In 1919 it was an offence to sneeze in public in the USA. People with flu, colds and hayfever were all locked up if they broke the law. The law was brought into effect to keep victms of the influenza epidemic off the streets. The epidemic evenually killed 20 million people.
A couple once spent their honeymoon in the Cold Research Centre in Wiltshire, being exposed to cold viruses. They didn't catch a cold for the entire ten-day stay.

Facts about Allergies
Moustaches act as pollen traps and mustached men have been proven to have worse hayfever than those without.

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