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This is a collection of pages on the internet with sneezing-related stories and the like. If you've come accross any more, please send their URLS, a moi. Merci!

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Of Sound Mind and Body
A simply MAGNIFICENT story- well composed, well edited, perfectly encorporating the mood of the show and attitudes of the characters- which just HAPPENS to be Highlander FanFic. The adorible, tough, mysterious Methos contracts a special "immortal" cold/flu virus... and Duncan is left to take care of his friend whether they both like it or not.

The Stranger
An odd short story about a man who has hayfever

A Vampire story (Buffy the Vampire Slayer fanfic) with two of the girls suffering from a cold.

Lois and Clark Fanfic
A short story in which Lois catches a cold and Clark lends a hand

Marvel Fanfic
NOTE: +18
Marvel Comics fanfic in which one of the female characters, Rahne has a cold and Douglock's affections for her become more realized by both of them...

Cold Contageous
A, er, um, song... or poem(?) about a cold and sneezing

The One with Joey's New Girlfriend
The FRIENDS tv show script in which Phoebe, Monica, and Gunther all have colds. :-)

A Secret Best Kept
A (longer) Lois and Clark FanFic in which Lois has a cold and Clark helps out wonderfully

Snotty McFee's Mother
A rather, er, visual story written about a boy with rather inetesting sneezing habbits.

A WONDERFUL(and long) Hercules Fanfic with cute, handsome Iolaus not only catching a very sneeze-filled cold, but also suffering from an allergy attack on top of it! :-)

Nothing to Sneeze At
Another Ranma 1/2(Z Neo) Fanfic which sneezing encorporated and involving many of the characters

Colds are Catching
A Great and wonderfully long Hercules/Xena Fanfic story in which the two absolutly most handsome men on the show catch colds: Iolaus and Aries *G*

The Virus Hunters
A power Rangers fanfic story in which several of the rangers contract a strange virus at the worst possible times
Magneto's Cold
An X-Men Fan Fic sotry (I believe) about Magneto catching a cold and the rather startling results it has... Also can be found here:
Magneto's Cold

Chicken Soup
A Dr. Who Fanfic story in which the good doctor catches a cold, and is cared for by Mel

A poem about catching a cold. It has a very poetic version of sensing and experiencing a sneeze.

By a Nose NOTE: +18
A LONG story about a being named Trick who changes itself and others into other forms at eachpowerful sneeze.

Rapsody in Flu
NOTE: +18 and Sensitive Situations X-Files Fanfic done in a slash Mulder/Skinner Universe.
The story follows Mulder as he has the flu, and Scully and Skinner help him out a little.

A short poem with an interesting beginning

Spru Season
A really great Star Trek: TNG Fan Fic story in which Captain Piccard and several other crew members come down with "colds"

A Jane Austin fanfic story where in Elizabeth has a cold

The Good Nurse
The sequel to the one above, in which Fitzwilliam catches a cold, but with a slight twist at the end :-)

The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs
Told from the poor wolf's point of view

Caroline and the Other Guy
A "Caroline in the City" piece of Fanfic in which cute little Richard catches a cold

Story 45
A short, short story of a young boy with alergies he must control, eventhough he likes sneezing

Ode to Spring
A girl's poem about Spring... and all that it comes with

TV parody- "Sneezin' Buddies"
Includes a short description of the plot of the 'show', info on a few episodes, the theme song in real audio and written out lyrics, and a quicktime clip(I haven't been able to get it to work yet)

The Thieves Who Couldn't Help Sneezing
A short story by Thomas Hardy about two thieve who are discovered because of their sneezing

The Dragonball Project
Japanese anime about a girl(Lunch) who transforms from sweet to evil when she sneezes

Epsiode of Ranma 1/2
Traslated Japanese anime episode where two of the characters have colds

Community Service
A story of a woman who's donating blood but feels as if she's going to sneeze

Parady on MMPower Rangers
Kimberly, the pink ranger, has a cold- this is a must read for everyone who hates the Power Rangers! :)

Star Trek fanfic: E.J. Powers Reports
Short bit about an officer allergic to his cat-like commander

Star Trek Fanfic: No Tigers, These
A guy has an short allergy attack on a holodeck

The Man of Ice NOTE: 18+
A man, a French maid and a feather, need more be said?

Mona's Private Diary
A short Journal entry written about sneezing

Star Trek fanfic: Unexpected Aphrodisiac NOTE: PG13
Garak and Bashir discover Garak has an allergy to cats and also something else

Star Trek fanfic: ALB Holodeck 14:Ensign Sinclair Powers Reports
A woman has an allergic reation to her cat-commander(sound familiar?)

April is the Cruelest Month
A police officer/investigator with allergies... and an unusual investigation

Minnestrone Soup NOTE: PG13
This is an X-files fanfic in which Dana Scully catches a bad cold

Snow White- Point of view of Sneezy
This is the story of Snow White as told by Sneezy; it was written by a young kid.

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