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The Songs

This is a collection of songs that mention sneezing. Lyrics and excerpts have been provied when available, and many of the full length songs can be found in mp3 formats on mp3 sites such as AudioGalaxy.
If you have any favorites or know of any other songs, please
e-mail to me a link to their lyrics or(if you want to make it hard on me...) simply a title/artist and I shall include it. Thank you.

Deck 1
New Num Title Artist Lyrics Excerpt Comments
I. The Cold Song Jewel Lyrics Excerpt Cute, situational mentioning of sneezes and having a cold
II. Blinded by the Light Manfred Mann's Earth Band Lyrics Excerpt Brief mention
III. Caught a Lite Sneeze Tori Amos Lyrics Excerpt Brief mention
IV. Santa Caught a Cold on Christmas Eve Dick & Richard     x Excerpt Played on Dr.Demento Show #90-50, Dec.16, 1990. Fake sneezes throughout, best at end.
V. Anna Begins Counting Crows Lyrics Excerpt Nice mention
VI. No No Song Ringo Starr Lyrics Excerpt Mention as excuse
VII. You and a Box of Handkerchiefs The Toy Dolls Lyrics Excerpt Very cute with sneezing as the main theme. Fake sneezes throughout.
  VIII. Sneezer the Sneezing Ghost Tiny Toons     x Excerpt From a Tiny Toons halloween special. Fake sneezes throughout.
IX. S-N- Snore, Sniff & Sneeze Tom Lehrer     x Excerpt From the Electric Company(?). Available on Tom's CD. Fake sneezes throughout. has a nice excerpt as well.
X. Achoo Sparks Lyrics Excerpt Available on several Sparks CDs. Fake sneezes throughout and many at end. has a nice excerpt as well.
XI. The Pop Singer's Fear of the Pollen Count The Divine Comedy Lyrics Excerpt A cute song about the summer and a pop singer with allergies(who apparently has them in real life). Contains three sneezes at bridge. Thanks Bubbles! :-)
XII. Allergic to Flowers Jefferson Handkerchief     x Excerpt A very cute song with lots of fake sneezing, about a hippie who's allergic to flowers.
XIII. Aching to Sneeze Crash Test Dummies Lyrics Excerpt Brief mention.
XIV. The Sneeze Song Bob La Costa     x Excerpt Random little song about a guy's cold and needing to sneeze. Lots of fake sneezing.

Deck 2
New Num Title Artist Lyrics Excerpt Comments
I.The Sneeze SongSesame Street     x ExcerptFrom a Sesame Street sketch starring barn animals. Available on several Sesame Street CDs.
II.Achoo!Sesame Street Lyrics    x Another Sesame Street sketch, of an animated man.
III.A Manatee Sneezed on MeJohn and Cole Flynn   LyricsExcerptAn odd but funny song
IV.A Grand Old Healthy Lifefrom an old children's tv show     x     x Closing song on an old children's show. Jeremy Irons, another man and a woman are walking in a field singing about how healthy they are, but at the end, they all sneeze, and the woman falls over and one of the men says 'Dear me' or something.
V.Cold in my NoseBarron Knights     x Excerptfakes sniffling and sneezing
VI.Coming Around AgainCarly Simon LryicsExcerptmentions sneezing
VII.When Santa Got Stuck Up the ChimneyLyrics    x Kid's song
VIII.(Wish I could Fly Like) SupermanThe Kinks LyricsExcerptmentions sneezing
IX.LizzyEternuerLyrics    xsong parody
X.Achoo is NowEternuerLyrics    xsong parody
XI.There She BlowsEternuerLyrics    xsong parody
XII.Motorcycle SneezinessEternuerLyrics    xsong parody
XIII.Acchoo, I've Got a ColdScribblesLyricsExcerptKid's song with fake sneezing (female)

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