In The Closet pt2:

Calming Kevin

NOTE: +18

Additionally: This story contains homosexual behavior

If you are easily offended by such, do not read.

"DAMN IT!" Kevin yelled as he and Max entered the apartment.

"How dare he treat me like that! Who the hell did that guy think he was!?"

Max and Kevin had gone out for dinner that night and as they were walking back to their car a man called Kevin a "Faggot".

It had instantly enraged him. He was not adjusting to life as a Gay man well. Least of all a man dating another man who happened to be Black.

Max was concerned. Kevin was given to more and more fits of anger lately and their sex life had suffered. It had been a good 6 months since Kevin had made love to him. "Baby calm down!" Max pleaded with his lover.

"Calm down!? Calm down!? Why the hell should I!?" Kevin whipped off his shirt and threw it on the bedroom floor. He was getting more and more out of control.

"It was just one idiot. Iím used to it." Max explained.

"Well Iím sure the hell not! All my life people have treated me decently, and now that Iím..." He trailed off.

"Gay?" Max finished for him.

"Yea...Gay. Now that Iím Gay people want to treat me differently. I donít like it! I havenít changed. Why have they? I had it all! And thatís nothing to sneeze at buddy!"

Kevin turned angrily towards the window and looked out at their picture post card view of the Golden Gate bridge.

Then it dawned on Max exactly what Kevin needed.

While Kevin was lost in thought he went into the kitchen and removed his clothes. Taking the can of pepper from the cupboard he shook some into the palm of his hand and returned to the bedroom.

"Kev?" Max whispered.

"WHAT!? WHAT IS IT?" Kevin whirled around still furious.

Before he could react, Max blew pepper straight at Kevinís upturned blond nose and stepped back.

"Max! What the hell do you think your....Mmmmm....Mmm....MMMMM!! Kevin froze in mid-sentance. His eyes closed and his lips were clamped together as a huge sneeze started to build up in his nose.

"Thatís it baby, give it to me!" Max breathed in a an excited bedroom voice.

Kevin started to breathe even heavier, his huge blond chest rising and falling with every breath.

"MMMM....MMMM...ahhhhh....ahhhhh...oh God! Uhhhhh... Now you've done it! AHHHHH!" Kevin could feel his knees get week and his penis growing with each passing second. Kevin was in need of sex even more than a good sneeze to clear his head and calm him down, so Max decided to give him both.

"Baby whatís wrong" Max teased in a lilting voice. It was part of their sex play. He loved to hear Kevin describe his torture.

"Oh God!! HHHAAAAA-choooooo!" Kevin sneezed on Maxís bare chest.

"AHHH-choooo! HUH-CHOO!" He sneezed twice more. So hard that Max had to hold him up.

Kevin kissed Max passionately, and with a rising passion Max returned the kiss.

"MMMM....MMMM.MMMM...AHHH LUH LOOK OUT MAX! IíM GONNA SNEEZE AGAIN! Kevin yelped, turning his head away from Max.

But Max refused to miss out on one of his favorite pleasures. He grabbed Kevinís head with both hands and locked their lips together just as Kevin exploded.

"MMMM-POOO! " Kevin sneezed directly into Maxís mouth, making Maxís ears ring. He loved it. His lover was so powerful.

Kevin scooped up Max and threw him on the bed. Jamming his throbbing member between Maxís hot sweaty Black thighs.

"Oh yea! Oh yes!" Kevin pumped away with gusto. He was about to climax when more of the pepper took affect. He froze in mid-stroke.

"Ahhh!....AHHHH Max! I...gotta sneeze again! But if I sneeze Iíll come!"

Max was at the thresh hold himself. "FIGHT IT! If you come Iíll come!"

Kevin put his finger under his nose and panted like mad. "Ah...ahh..uuhuu...ah!"

Max was about to explode, he never was more in love with Kevin than when Kevin was about to sneeze.

"Max baby..I...uhhh. canít hold it!!" Kevin yelled.

"Kevin no!" Max yelled back.

Kevin reared back silently and .."AAAAAAAAAAAA-CHOO!" A powerful, explosive sneeze burst from Kevin. That last bit of friction causing him to orgasm and buck wildy against Max, causing Max to orgasm in return.

They lay there in twined in each other drenched in sweat, totally happy.

"How did you know that was exactly what I needed?" Kevin asked, twirling one of Maxís dreadlocks around his finger.

"Because I know you and I love you. Iíll always take care of you." Max said, stroking Kevins rugged blond face.

"I love you too. But next time, I get first shot at the pepper!