Nice Day

Note: 18+

"Nice day eh?" said Mark as he pushed the cabin door shut, forcing it against the blizzard and then shaking the snow from his parka. "Yeah," Tina chuckled. "Nice for Antartica…but Tahoe?" Tina took her coat with Mark's and threw them into the musty closet. They had just arrived at the cabin for the weekend, and hadn't yet gone out to the car to get the luggage. They each carried in a bag of food. Mark slammed his bag down on the kitchen counter, and began inspecting the cabin with a dissatisfied look on his face. He had every right to be dissatisfied with the place they were supposed to be having their second honey moon in, how were they supposed to salvage the remaining chunks of their marriage in a dump like this, Mark thought to himself. The cabin was one room, poorly decorated with a deer head on the wall, and some nineteen seventies furniture, carpeting and appliances. Everything was brown, orange, or monkey barf green. "I thought that secretary friend of yours said this place was romantic?" yelled Mark from the bathroom, his voice echoed as he stood there pissing into the toilet. "It's *supposed* to be romantic, but I guess the level of romance depends on how big of a dick your husband is." Said Tina to herself. "What?" yelled Mark from the bathroom, he had finished peeing as was now seated on the toilet with his pants around his ankles, reading a faded copy of Sunset magazine. "Nothing dear" hollered Tina to her husband. Tina sighed in dread as she thought of the next coming days. The tension was already building and they hadn't even been alone together for 12 hours. The 11 year marriage was fading fast between Mark and Tina, they had married young, and when both of their careers began to take off, there wasn't much time for them to be together anymore, and in their case, absence makes the heart grow weaker. Tina suspected Mark was finding female company elsewhere…and wished she had the guts to ask him if that were true. She remembered the last time she tried to talk about how she felt to him about their waning sex life, and shuddered at the memory. It was nothing but insensitive bullshit from her once loving and understanding husband. Her depression worsened as she moved to putting away the second bag of groceries. "Ok," said Mark, walking down the hallway and zipping up his pants. "let's go get the rest of our crap from the car." Mark pulled his parka from the closet and put it back on. He opened the door, and went outside only to find that he couldn't see his way to the car because the blizzard was so bad he was almost blown over several times. Frustrated and exhausted, he whipped open the cabin's front door, came back inside, and slammed it fiercely. "DAMNIT!" Mark yelled, tearing off his jacket and throwing it on the floor. "We're stuck in. There's a damn blizzard out there." Mark plopped down on the ancient couch, and rubbed his forehead. "It'll be all right dear." Tina assured her husband. "It will probably only be a few hours, and we'll be able to get our stuff."

"Why don't we just go home?" Mark said as he darted from the couch to the kitchen, and began inspecting the cabinets, looking for something interesting to tide him over till then. "God, it's disgusting in here." Mark laughed to himself with his head in a cabinet. "Hello? What do we have here?" Mark emerged from the dusty cabinet with a box of tissues and a bottle of white pepper. Tina stood against the kitchen counter, her arms crossed, looking at Mark as a mother looks at a mischievous child. "What the hell are you doing?" scoffed Tina, turning around and approaching the living room in disgust. Mark opened the bottle of pepper, shoved his nose in it, and snorted the contents loudly. Suddenly, Mark felt his nose tingle, and it moved from the back of his nose to his nostrils, causing them to flare. His mouth opened with a "ehhh, ehhh" his chest rising and falling with each shallow, slow breath. Knowing full well he was about to sneeze, Mark fumbled to open the box of Kleenex, but his efforts didn't come in time. His head flew back, and then forward "Hehh-chhhoo" he sneezed a big wet one all over the counter. Mark hunched over the counter, with one hand on the wall, bracing himself, as he felt his nose tickle again. "Huh, huh" he gasped, they built up stronger and stronger. "huh---huuuuuuuh" He sniffed and rubbed his nose trying to get the sneezes to come. He took in slow, gasps, his mouth open. "huh—huh" Finally, a wave of sneezes over came his nose.

"Hechoo…ahh..ahh…aaahhccchh…*sniff*… huuh, huuh huuuhchoo" he sneezed again and again with only a few short gasps every couple of sneezes. Mark finally tore the tissue box open and rushed a tissue to his red nose. He blew it loudly. Meanwhile, Tina could hear the deep masculine sneezes from the living room. Although she was trying to ignore his stupidity at sniffing pepper, she could no longer ignore the throbbing coming from her crotch. Every sneeze she heard was a wave of warm pleasure through her body, she took a deep breath in shock when she realized she was turned on…by Mark. This hadn't happened in a while, she thought. But she liked it all the same. Mark walked back to sit on the couch by Tina, box of tissues in one hand, and his other hand rubbing his tickley nose. He dropped onto the couch, groaned and blew his nose again. But blowing his nose made it itch, and the sneezes started again. "huh-huh-Igotta-huh-snn—huh *sniff*" But then nothing would come out. Mark balled up a tissue and held it under his nostrils and gasped through his open mouth."huhhhhh huh hutchooo!" He blew his nose loudly. "Dat was a stubid idea" he said in a nasal tone, a tissue up his nose. "I dunno…" said Tina, cooly. " I thought it was kinda sexy." Mark's eyes bulged at the sound of the word 'sexy' coming from Tina's mouth. He was about to respond, when he felt the tickles come again. "Eshoooo! Eh, Eh, ehshooooo! *sniff* Wow, by node is really resbondig to that pepper." At the sound of his deep, wet sneezes, Tina felt warmth through her body like she'd never felt before. She found herself wanting Mark, and wanting to sneeze as beautifully as he had done. "Can we go into the bedroom Mark?" Tina winked as she stood up and gently ran a finger under Mark's red runny nose. "Ub, sure." Sniffed Mark, getting excited by seeing Tina so eager after all this time.

Tina sprawled on the ugly paisley bedspread as Mark entered, a tissue catching his nose as it ran. "Did you bring the pepper?" asked Tina, coyly. Seeing him like this, so helpless, yet so manly, drove her into a frenzy, she could bare it no longer. She took the pepper from his hand and placed it on the bed next to her, as she stripped. She stripped him, and he undressed her, sniffing and spraying her with wet sneezes as her exposed her warm skin. Asshe straddled him she picked up the bottle of pepper and breathed in deeply the contents. As he moved inside of her, she felt her nose begin to tickle with the same pleasure as the rest of her. She felt a sneeze coming, and as she held it in, her pleasure grew. "uhhhh, uhhh," she gasped in shallow breaths. "uhhhhhchooo! uhhhhchooo!" Mark wanted in on the sneezing again too, so he dove his nose into the pepper bottle and tickled his nose again. Just as the sneezes started, he drove his nose in between her heaving breasts. "ehh –ehhh" he gasped. "ehhshhht, ehhhhssssht" They were wet and write from his nose. His wild deep sneezes pushed him into her harder and harder as his sneezes took ahold of him again, making him helpless, and Tina closer to euphoria with each "eshoooo!" Her orgasm exploded through her like the wonderful sneezes from her nose. She was out of breath from all the sneezing. As Mark began a particularly powerful sneezing fit, he climaxed causing Tina to have an even better orgasm. Her wild breathing caused her nose to tickle again. "ehh ehh- Oh-gasp-Mark!" She screamed, in between fits of sneezing. "ehshooo! attchhht" Mark rushed a tissue to her nose, as she continued to sneeze wildy. "eeehshoooo eeehshoo" they were tiny dry sneezes coming mostly from her mouth, but when she tried to hold them in and failed, they sprayed from her nose onto Mark's chest.

They went until they were exhausted, and falling next to Mark on the bed, Tina lay next to him. As they lie there each blowing their noses, fighting off final sneezes and catching thier breath in wet tissue stifled snuffles, she turned to him. "We should come here more often huh?" Mark smiled, and sneezed again.