The Power of Paul

NOTE: +18

Additionally: This story contains homosexual behavior

If you are easily offended by such, do not read.

Henry was late for his appointment with Paul, the artist he had hired to paint a picture for the living room of his new town house.

Henry wasnít really looking forward to the appointment all that much as, he had a serious crush on Paul who, alas, was straight.

Paul also insisted on being obscenely sexy. At six two, he had broad shoulders that were draped by his mane of jet black hair. He was powerfully muscled years after his body building career had ended and constantly wore faded old jeans that showed every contour of his powerful legs, and barefoot.

"Come on in the doors open!" Paul called out at Henryís knock.

Henry entered the studio to see Paul sitting on a plane chair looking at the painting. Heíd apparently just finished it. "Hey! It looks great!" He lied. What he really wanted to say was, "Hey! You look hot!"

"I know what I need." Henry mumbled out loud! "Now cut that out!" Paul laughed and punched Henry in the arm. Henry had made his affections for Paul very plain, but Paul all though flattered made it just as clear he could not reciprocate. In fact he had to go get dressed because his new girlfriend was taking him to dinner for his birthday.

Just then, the door bell rang. "Could you get that for me Henry?" "Yea sure." Henry trotted off to answer the door and took deliver of a dozen flaming red roses. Obviously from Paulís new girlfriend, who hadnít been dating Paul long enough to know he suffered from hay fever.

"Paul these just came for you." Henry held the flowers out to Paul who all of a sudden seemed frozen in time.

"Oh no! Not flowers! I.....I....." Paulís breathing became labored as his arms dropped down to his side, his beautiful chest began to heave, and his face took on a look of exquisite surrender.

"Paul?" Henry inquired.

"I....Iímmm ...aller....aller...ahhhhhhh....ahhhh.CHOOOO!" Pauls head flew forward sending his hair flying into his face. The force of the sneeze pushing him forward a step and directly into the path of the offending roses.

"Puhh...uhhhh. Please! Youíve got to get those out of here! Ahhh..." Pauls finger flew to his nose as Henry dashed away with the flowers to the kitchen. "AHHH...ahhhh." Paulís impending sneeze subsided with a sigh of relief.

"Man o man! I have never seen a man sneeze that sexy before! Are you always like that!?" Henry was panting with desire. The sight of this gorgeous hunk of man sneezing like that was more than he could take.

"You find that sexy?" Paul was amazed.

"Hell yeah! If youíd of sneeze again Iíd probably come!" Henry laughed.

Paul got an idea on how to make his friend happy without compromising his principles.

"Say HenryÖ"


Henry replied nervously.

"You really get turned on by my sneezes?"

"Like nobodies business!!" Henry breathed.

"Iíve got a proposition for you. Iíll sit here in this chair, you bring the flowers in , and Iíll sneeze as many times as it takes for you to get off. But you canít touch me. Itíll be sort of like a sneezing lap dance."

"Oh my God!" Henry exclaimed feeling himself getting hard all ready. "Youíd do that for me?"

"Yea, why not! Weíre buds! No harm no foul right!?" Paul smiled his big handsome smile.

Henry didnít need to be told twice. He ran to the kitchen and filled a vase with water as Paul sat back down. Leaping out of his clothes he padded carefully over to where Paul was sitting and placed the vase at Paulís big voluptuous feet.

Then he stepped back as Paul indicated where he was to stand. Then, they waited. It didnít take long.

Paul suddenly gripped the sides of his chair and breathed, "Uhh! I feel a sneeze coming on! I feel a ...Uhhh...Uhhh.Uhhhhh!" Paul rocked back and forth as the sneeze in his nose built momentum.

Henry took a step closer to Paul just as he sneezed full force. "CHOO!" Paul sneezed a powerful hot dry sneeze onto Henryís genitals.

"Oh God!" Henry cried. He couldnít believe this was happening. The power of Paulís sneeze was like having him physically.

" I go again! AAHHH...AHHH.AAHHH!" The roses where really getting to him now. He threw his head back and roared towards Henryís naked body with the force of a hurricane. "HAAAAAA-CHOOOOO! Huh-CHooo! HUH HUH HUH-chooo!!". The first sneeze hit Max square on the tip of his penis, making it bob up and down in delight. The second sprayed across his balls. He felt ready to explode.

"Henry! Man! Itís too much...AHHH...AAHHH! You gotta help me!" Paul was rocking back and forth now in the chair. For whatever reason his arms seemed to be pinned at his side. He was fighting off another volley of powerful sneezes with not much luck.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, Henry went over and gingerly placed his engorged penis under Paulís nose.

"Ahh...ahhhhh. Hen...Henry what are you doing? "Paul breathed in the heady sent of Henryís penis and found himself growing hard.

"You said you needed my help. Here I am." Henry giggled. He knew he had Paul at his mercy..

"Henry please stop playing around. Youíve gotta get those flowers out of here. I canít take much more! "Paul begged.

"Paul baby, one more and Iíll come I guarantee you. Then Iíll put the flowers away."

"All right. Now move." Paul commanded.

Henry stepped back into position, his gaze fixed on Paulís handsome face. Then it happened.

Paulís mouth dropped open. He chest heaved rapidly. His nostrils flared. His eyes watered a little and then, "AHHH...I CANíT.....AHHHH IíM GONNNA......AHHHHHHHH-CHOOOOOO! AHHHHH-CHOOOO!!!" Paulís nose finally burst all over Henryís crotch. Causing him to orgasm volcanically in a wide arc over Paulís shoulder and landing on the just finished painting causing some of the colors to run.

"UUUUUH! YEA! OH MAN! Yea!" Henry shouted passionately. Then Paul suddenly cried out, ĎOH GOD! UH! UH! UH!" He grunted in a deep baritone voice as he climaxed in his jeans.

But then the familiar tickle came back.

"Huhh..Henry quick! The flowers! Uhhhh..."

Henry recovered his wits enough to scoop up the vase and run it into the kitchen before Paul sneezed again.

"WHEW!" Paul shook his head as the sneeze retreated from his nose.

"Oh man! That was the hottest thing Iíve ever done in my life!" Henry gasped.

"Yea...I got a bang out of it too!" Paul grinned as he stood up, revealing the large stain on the front of his jeans.

"Well I guess all I can say is, Happy Birthday big fella!"