NOTE: +18

Additionally: This story contains homosexual behavior

If you are easily offended by such, do not read.

Max had been working as a temp in downtown San Francisco for about a year now. He liked the brokerage houses the best.

His current job had an added plus. Kevin. To Max, Kevin was undoubtedly the most beautiful man he had ever seen.

Of average height, but with huge shoulders, a broad, muscular back, and a deep powerful chest. He had huge, round blue eyes, meaty lips and really cute ears that stuck out of the side of his head.

On this particular evening, Max had to stay late to help Kevin tally up the days receipts and put them in the storage closet. Max loved the extra money, but being alone in the office with Kevin was torture. He wanted so desperately to reach out and touch Kevin. To kiss Kevin. To love him.

"Letís get these put away, Iím running late!" Kevin said. He was meeting his fiancée for drinks to finalize plans for their wedding next month. Max wouldnít be there. He had no intentions of standing there and smiling a phony smile while the man he loved married a woman. Max felt that just because he was African-American, men wouldnít give him the time of day. He spent most of nights alone looking at pictures of beautiful men he had downloaded off the Internet. They were his only lovers.

Max picked up the trays of receipts and dutifully followed Kevin into the storage closet where the vault was kept.

Max barely took notice as Kevin bent down to pick up a huge box of Zerox paper for the copier. Misjudging the weight. Kevin backed into a book case that hadnít been cleaned in months. He dislodged a small spray of dust that drifted gently down into his handsome face. He dropped the box of paper. "Awww! AWW MAN!! IíM GONNA SNEEZE!" He said, suddenly alarmed. His hand shot up to his face and he place a meaty finger under his quivering upturned nose.

"Let Ďer rip big guy!" Max said jokingly. Trying to keep everything casual. But the truth was, he had never been more turned on in his life. Kevin looked unbearably beautiful standing there with his finger under his nose trying desperately not to sneeze.

"I...Uhhh, Uhhh.., I canít allow myself to sneeze!" Kevin heaved, barely able to speak for fear of igniting the growing fire in his nose.

"Why the hell not!?" Max asked. A little irritated. He knew Kevin must have one of the best sounding sneezes in the world.

"Yuhhh, you donít understand! When I sneeze, I get really horny. I have to have sex immediately! So I donít allow myself to unless Iím with my girlfriend. I ahhh...ahhhh!" Kevin stopped talking as he was having trouble concentrating and the sneeze was taking over.

"Just let it go!" Max pleaded.

"Uuhh..I...cuhh...cuhh..canít! Let me concentrate! I can get rid of it." Kevin commanded. Then he closed his eyes and moved his head back. His finger still under his nose taking short tortured breaths.

Max had never seen such a beautiful sight in his life. A beautiful man in the grip of a huge sneeze.

Max couldnít stand it anymore. He silently moved across the storage closet and gently unzipped Kevinís pants. Sure enough, he was at full erection. "Wuh...wuh...what are you doing!?" He asked alarmed. His concentration shot, the sneeze itched even faster through his nose. Calmly, Max replied, "Iím giving you what you want. What you need." " canít! Please stop!" Kevin begged. He was in the most exquisite of tortures. Max was massaging his inflamed genitals with an expert hand, and he sure enough was about to give forth with an explosive sneeze. It was all too much for him.

"!Cuhh...canít fight it......anymore! Ahhhhh...." Kevin surrendered. He had no choice. "AHHHHH.......CHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" Kevin exploded. A burst of masculine power the likes of which Max had never heard before. A split second later, Kevin Ďs throbbing penis exploded in Maxís hand. Max sighed with relieve and pleasure as Kevinís huge chest came into contact with his as Kevin fell forward into his arms.

"Oh...*SNIFF!* OH MY GOD! That was ..." Kevin panted.

"Incredible." Max finished for him. Then he took Kevinís ridiculously handsome face in his hands and kissed him ever so tenderly on his full powerful lips. Kevin moaned as he pushed his powerful body up against Maxís, grinding his penis against Maxís crotch with little grunts of animal pleasure. Then...

"No! I canít do this!" He abruptly pulled away, covering his throbbing member with his hands like an embarrassed little boy. "IíM STRAIGHT!"

"You could have fooled me!" Max panted on the verge of orgasm himself now. They looked at each other, two men from two different worlds who could share passion under only the rarest of circumstances.

There was silence between them. Max thinking what had gone wrong, Kevin thinking how hot he was for this man, and how his life up to this moment had been a lie. He was Gay. But refused to admit to himself. Or his conservative parents. Or his liberal boss who only liked Gays from a distance. Or his loving fiancée whom he had only made love to once. And that also had been after she spilled the pepper at dinner bringing forth one of his powerfully passionate sneezes.

His sneezes drove him wild with desire so heíd made love to her then out of need. When what he really needed, and wanted was a man.

The silence was broken by the sound of someone in the outer office. It was Sarah the cleaning woman.

Sarah struck abject fear in Kevinís heart. She was a blabbermouth bar none. If she caught him with Max in the closet his career and his carefully-crafted life would be all over.

"Damn it!" He whispered. Itís Sarah! Weíve got to get out of here. I canít let her find me like this!"

"With me you mean?" Max said accusingly.

Kevin just looked at his shoes. He actually had feelings for Max but had no way to express them.

"Look, Iím sorry , but this is the way it is. All right? Thereís noting I can do about it. Now be quiet. We canít make a sound. After she leaves the room well get out of here, all right?"

"Fine." Max just stood there with his arms folded staring dejectedly at this man he truly loved, seeing it all slip away when suddenly.

ĎSNIFF!! SNIFF!!" KEVIN sniffed hard twice. Absentmindedly. And sent yet more dust up his already itchy nose.

His eyes grew large with fear as his nose began to tickle. Max saw the look on his face. The look of fear mixed with the passion of an impending sneeze, Kevinís finger flew to his nose like a shot.

"OHNO! OH GOD! PLEASE NO...UHHH...NOT NOW!!" Kevinís huge chest started to heave up and down as the sneeze built power. He tried with all his might to stop it.

He was terrified. the carefully crafted house of cards that was his life was about to be blown away by the sneeze in his nose.

Max responded with all the love he had for Kevin. "Itís ok baby, let it go! Iím here for you!"

"uhh...huuuh..Max help me! I canít sneeze now, my life would be over!" The tickle grew more intense Kevin knew it was hopeless.

"It wonít be over baby, Iíll still be here for you, always." Max said softly over Kevinís panting breathes.

Kevin made a decision in that moment that would indeed change his life forever.

He took his finger away from his nose and throwing his arms around Max said, "MUUUUUH...MUH...MAX, I....AHHHHHH, LU...LU.....LUUUUUVE...AH,AH,AH YOU! WHAAAAAAAA-CHOOOOOOOOO!"

* * *


Max got home late from the office that night. Just as the door clicked shut he heard a sharp"CHOO!" come from the bedroom.

"Baby, Iím home!" He shouted.

Kevin came padding out of the back of the apartment totally nude. Threw his huge arms around Max kissing him full on the mouth.

"Hi lover! Wannaí fool around?" He asked with a look of boyish mischief on his face.

"Whatís the magic word?" Asked Max, just as mischievous.

Kevin took a step back and breathed in deeply three times. His nose began to twitch, his eyes grew large, his finger flew to his nose and his erection sprang forth.

"I , ah...ah...ahhhh, Iíve gotta sneeze!" He gasped in a deep, husky masculine voice.


Life was good.