Help Me, My Love!

NOTE: +13

Additionally: This story contains homosexual behavior

If you are easily offended by such, do not read.

Bill and Todd were in the work out room of their condominium pumping iron.

Todd blond and muscular, was totally in love with Bill,a successful and devastatingly handsome male model.

"8..9..10! Good set babe!!" Todd exclaimed as Bill let the bar down with a thud.

"Thanks doll! Iím going for a swig of water Iíll be right back."

Bill trotted over to the water fountain athletically and drew heavily on the cold water. When he finished he wiped his mouth with his workout towel and stood there admiring himself in the mirror a moment. He liked what he saw.

All of a sudden he felt a frighteningly large tickle in his nose. He felt a sneeze coming on. He tilted his head back and began short panting breathes. "Huhh...huhhh.huhhh"

Todd seeing his lovers distress came to side immediately.


Bill was transfixed by the sneeze building in his nose. "! Iím ...Uhhhh ...I gotta sneeze!" He breathed huskily.

Todd just stood transfixed as Billís head bobbed back and forth. "Oh! UHhh... oh man Todd! Itís stuck! Itís ...ahhhhh.ahhhh! Itís stuck right there! I ...canít ......" Bill was tortured. The sneeze was stuck right between the point of retreating and exploding. There was nothing he could do.

"Oh God!!! Todd!....Uhhhh...AHH..AAHH Baby help me!" Bill reached out his muscular hand for his lover who flew immediately to his side.

Wrapping one arm around his lovers waist Todd put his finger under his nose.

"There you go, baby. Is that helping?" Todd asked, his voice full of love and concern.

"It...ah...itís a little better buh..uhhhhh...I still cuh...cuh..canít sneeze! Help me please I canít stand it!!"

Todd couldnít stand this either. Not only because he loved his husband, but also because while Bill was in this condition he was unbearably sexy. And Todd was having a hard time keeping his excitement in check.

Looking around the weight room he spied a can of hand talc.

"Baby, move over here." He gently guided Bill to the padded wall and put Billís own finger under his nose.

Scooping up a palm full of talc, he looked lovingly at his husband. Standing there so masculine and beautiful and helpless.

"Baby, brace yourself." He blew the talc directly into Billís face and stood back.

"AKK OH MY GOD! WHAT... AHHHHH! AHHHHHH! AHHHHHHHHH!" Bill was screaming so loudly now Todd was afraid the neighbors would hear.

Then finally, Bill let loose. "AHHHHHHHHH-CHOOOOOOOO!"

He stumbled over into his loveís arms.

"Sniff! Oh man! Thank you so much! That was probably the biggest sneeze of my life!" Bill remarked. Rubbing his nose furiously before another sneeze overtook him. He hated the way they made him feel helpless.

Noting his loverís excitement he smiled. "Hey! You look like you wanna go upstairs!"

Todd smiled coyly and said, "Bring the talc".