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Since I'm asked so many similar questions, I thought I would do the internet thing and make an FAQ constructed of commonly asked questions of me, and on on the forums.

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  • What's on it?
  • What are the different versions for?
  • What are the Major and Minor sections?
  • Why is this link not working?
  • What wavs/vids did you lose?
  • How do I find certain things?
  • How do I contribute to it?
  • Why hasn't it been updated?
  • What's your other webpage?

    • What's on it? ToS has a wide variety of almost anything related to sneezing that you could think of, and then some! It is filled with material the webmistress has found, been sent, or created and compiled together to serve people with different interests. Whether you just like sneezing, or if you're really into it; whether you like stifled female sneezes, or wet male ones; whether you like hearing sneezes or reading stories about sneezing, this page will catch your attention. If you'd like to know more before you look around, visit the First Time Here?  section.

    • What are the different versions for? Visitors to TOS come in many shapes and sizes, as well as ages. People perceive their interest in sneezing differently. To some, it is just an interest, to others it's more sexual. So TOS offers two versions, one for everyone, and one for the addition of adult-themed material.

    • What are the Major and Minor sections? When I'd decided to put together my own webpage about sneezing, I realized I wanted a theme. Being either very tired or just oddly creative, I decided to organize it like a deck of tarot cards, thinking of the 4 minor sections and the one main. It has grown much after time, needing to be divided into multiple decks of cards, but the structure remains the same. The MAJOR section is full of a variety of material from stories of both males and females, picture galleries, link pages, and much more. The MINOR sections are collections of sounds of females sneezing and males sneezing, as well as stories about females sneezing, and males sneezing.

    • Why is this link not working?  Chances are, it was lost and needs to be recovered by tarotgal. The TOS has moved many times since its start. Materials have been stored on over 6 different web hosts. These hosts have been both reliable and unreliable. Unfortunately, the biggest loss was when Xoom was bought out, causing TOS to lose all of the wavs and videos. Some were backed up, others lost. So it is highly possible that there are dead links here and there, and materials I do not have. If it is a link to a webpage or picture on my site, let me know about it. If it is a link to a sound wav or video, I've probably lost it.

    • What wavs/vids did you lose? I'm eagerly looking for materials that I have lost and other people may have saved (downloaded to their own computers) Check out the current list of Missing Materials

    • How do I find certain things? Depends upon what you are looking for. If you are looking for wavs, go to the MINOR section, and click on the link to go to the female or male sound pages. If you are looking for other pages about sneezing, see the MAJOR section, in Deck 2. Basically, try all the links, visit all the pages- go exploring- you're sure to find something you like.

    • How do I contribute to it? *G* Contributions gooooooooood! Send! Send! Send! It depends what you want to donnate. Check out How to send contributions below, and send all to tarotgal@hotmail.com.

    • Why hasn't it been updated? Because I haven't updated it. When I feel the page has properly recovered, and I have the time to spend on it again, I will return to taking updating it as once I did. Right now, I'm feeling just in the fixing phase.

    • What's your other webpage? TG's Realm is a page just for my personal materials. It includes things like my stories, fanfics, wavs, and even childhood memories. It's updated whenever I have something of my own to add.
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  • What is a sneezing fetish?
  • How did all this start?
  • Where can I find out more?

    • What is a sneezing fetish? There are many different fetishes in this world. Some are shared by many, some have a small "following", some are more well-known than others. A sneezing fetish is simply a fetish for sneezing. And while there are many different definitions of the word fetish, the majority of people who have a sneezing fetish are ones who see sneezing as sexually pleasing. Most are aroused by seeing others sneeze, a few even by sneezing themselves. There are many, many aspects to a sneezing fetish but the bottom line is: sneezing is stimulating, and people have a fetish for it.

    • How did all this start? In the beginning, there was the sneeze, and it was good. No, really, none of us knows how the fetish started or when for that matter. But the first known public appearance of the fetish came on the internet. It was through Usenet postings that people with this common fetish acknowledged each other. A newsletter was created, webpages were formed, then came chat and forums. There have been a wide variety of different technological solutions brought to the online fetish, from webrings to Yahoo!groups. Assuredly, the fetish did not start with the internet, but it was this medium that brought many of us together for the first time into what is sometimes called a "Community".

    • Where can I find out more? Thre are a great number of websites and groups out there on the internet dealing with the sneeze, and the sneezing fetish. www.SneezeFetish.org is the best place to start if you want more information.
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