tarotgal and her sneezing fetish

May sneezes echo throughout your dreams! Achoo!

Hi. I'm tarotgal. Glad you stumbled onto my page! :-)
Read on to find out more about me and my fetish for sneezing!
The Tarot of Sneezing!
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Who I am:

Hi! I'm tarotgal. I know it's not a very good name... but it stuck, and here it is. I've got blonde hair, running in waves down a little past my shoulders and blue eyes that are gray in winter. I'm 5ft4 and wiegh about 105-110lbs. I'm a writer(currently unpublished, though haping to change that status soon!) and live in the Washington DC area.
I'm a hopeless romantic and I enjoy tv, movies, blues and rock music, the internet and writing, of course! :-)
As for sounds- well, I have a microphone now, so all that remains is building up enough courage to record sounds of myself! If there's anything in particualr you'd like to hear(ie, a PG13 one, etc) e-mail me.

My Sneezing Fetish:

I'd always considered what I feel for sneezing very odd and strange- I couldn't even imagine that others would have the same fetish... I guess I thought wrong. After exploring the internet a while and finding sites and messages about others with the same fascination as I have, I realized that my fetish for sneezing isn't odd at all- if fact it's very special.

I first realized my fetish, and try not to laugh too loudly at this one, but from watching an episode of Seasame Street. I was, oh, 14 or 15 and babysitting a kid down the block. We were watching Seasame Street together and it happen to be an episode where Snuffy catches a cold. Snuffy(an elephant-like animal with a trunk) sneezed a few times quite powerfully and I couldn't help but feel something as he did so, though I didn't really know what it was then. Well, a few of the segments surrounding the main story(Snuffy's cold) also had to do with being sick and sneezing. There was some little story about a guy who was trying to sleep but the guy above would snore and the one below would sneeze, or vice versa. When the guy sneezed, they were these loud, almost echoing sneezes that rocked the house just seemed to call out to me; I felt tingly at each one as he started to sneeze "Hi-Ha-Ho-Ha-HACHOO!". In another segment, there was a song about a guy who had a cold in his nose(It went something like "When you've got a cold in your nose Ah-Ah, Ah-Ah, Ah-Ah-CHOO!") and was sniffling and sneezing huge sneezes all over the place, on buildings and people and everything until he finnaly got out a handkerchief and covered his nose, the resulting sneeze sounding almost perfect to me, "Hachoo!" smothered lightly by the handkerchief. I felt really strange by that time, tingling and excited; the little kid was just playing with his blocks and the parents weren't due back for another few hours. I had time to watch the rest of the episode, loving each of the sneezes and feeling warm and excited at them, the sights and sounds inscribing themselves on the inside of my mind forever. I won't ever forget the way hearing, seeing and thinking about those sneezes made me feel... I may be one of the few people in the world to actually learn something like that from that show! Ok, I'm done, you can stop laughing so hard now. :-)
The cool thing is, though, you wouldn't IMAGINE the number of people who have read this and told me similar experiences- it seems nothing is too out there when it comes to fist realizing this sort of thing!

Thanks to one very awesome woman out in California- I know have on audio tape a similar segment from Sesame Street- The Count Counts Flowers!


There are few of us out there, it's almost fate that we've found each other. To everyone out there who shares this wonderful fetish and to any out there who even remotely like sneezing, I'd like to wish peace, hugs, and much sneezing! :-)