wElComE tO thE TaRot oF SneEzINg!

Here, you will find information about the beginning of this interest on the internet, what there is out there now, how you might fit in, and then a simple tour of what is contained on this page- to help you find what you might be in search for.
As the webmaster, Tarotgal(call me TG, everyone does), I would like to welcome you to the Tarot of Sneezing, and a 'community' of people probably just like you! Please enjoy all that is out there, contribute when and if you feel like it, and drop me a line with your comments!

History of Internet Sneezing:
Interest in sneezing showed itself on the web in 1995 in the form of messages on newsgroup for fetishes in general. It blossomed later into small trades, and eventually a webpage. This is the third such webpage, packed overwhelmingly full of sneezing material of all kinds.
There are so many things out there now relating to sneezing- chat rooms and forums, so you can interact with others who like sneezing(to my count, there are probably about 400 of us here, as of '99). There are sounds, pictures, observations, and stories. There are links, facts, videos, drawings, cartoons, fanfic, and still much more.
Just about anything you could want is right here, at your disposal.

Feelings About Sneezing:
Chances are, you're not alone. People who visit this website feel very differently about sneezing. Some find it interesting, mysterious. Some find it to strike at them emotionally. Some find it exciting in more sexual ways. And some find it to be a combination of all of the above and much more. You may hear the word 'fetish' used on this page, or the associated forums. Please don't get the wrong idea about this. fet-ish n. 1. any object believed by superstitious people to have magical power 2. any thing or activity to which one is devoted 3. Psychiatry any nonsexual object that abnormally excites erotic feelings As you can see from the second definition, a fetish can simply refer to something you take a special interest in. And after all, you've made it this far through this page, so you probably have some interest in it. There are different degrees and different sorts of liking something such as sneezing. The TOS simply offers material, and does so through regualr and +18 versions, so that you can find what YOU want.

You're Not Alone:
I get a few letters every week from people expressing relief and happiness in finding this site. Many people considered themselves to be "weird" and "alone" in liking sneezing to any degree. Numbers are growing throughout the world. People of every race, gender, and sexual persuasion are about... and the result is a website which continues to grow. And an "internet community" where we can retreat every so often to find people who understand this rare and fun part of us.

Tarot of Sneezing Tour:
Discover what's on this page, how to use is, and how to find just what you want. Go on this small tour of TOS! (self-paced tour takes about 2-3 minutes, if that- then you can get to all the good stuff :-) )