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Since I'm asked so many similar questions, I thought I would do the internet thing and make an FAQ constructed of commonly asked questions of me, and on on the forums.

About the Tarot of Sneezing Webpage Return to Top
  • What's on it?
  • What are the different versions for?
  • What are the Major and Minor sections?
  • Why is this link not working?
  • What wavs/vids did you lose?
  • How do I find certain things?
  • How do I contribute to it?
  • Why hasn't it been updated?
  • What's your other webpage?

    • What's on it? ToS has a wide variety of almost anything related to sneezing that you could think of, and then some! It is filled with material the webmistress has found, been sent, or created and compiled together to serve people with different interests. Whether you just like sneezing, or if you're really into it; whether you like stifled female sneezes, or wet male ones; whether you like hearing sneezes or reading stories about sneezing, this page will catch your attention. If you'd like to know more before you look around, visit the First Time Here?  section.

    • What are the different versions for? Visitors to TOS come in many shapes and sizes, as well as ages. People perceive their interest in sneezing differently. To some, it is just an interest, to others it's more sexual. So TOS offers two versions, one for everyone, and one for the addition of adult-themed material.

    • What are the Major and Minor sections? When I'd decided to put together my own webpage about sneezing, I realized I wanted a theme. Being either very tired or just oddly creative, I decided to organize it like a deck of tarot cards, thinking of the 4 minor sections and the one main. It has grown much after time, needing to be divided into multiple decks of cards, but the structure remains the same. The MAJOR section is full of a variety of material from stories of both males and females, picture galleries, link pages, and much more. The MINOR sections are collections of sounds of females sneezing and males sneezing, as well as stories about females sneezing, and males sneezing.

    • Why is this link not working? Chances are, it was lost and needs to be recovered by tarotgal. The TOS has moved many times since its start. Materials have been stored on over 6 different web hosts. These hosts have been both reliable and unreliable. Unfortunately, the biggest loss was when Xoom was bought out, causing TOS to lose all of the wavs and videos. Some were backed up, others lost. So it is highly possible that there are dead links here and there, and materials I do not have. If it is a link to a webpage or picture on my site, let me know about it. If it is a link to a sound wav or video, I've probably lost it. As for videos, the few I have are not uploaded yet because I have not found somewhere with adequate space.

    • What wavs/vids did you lose? I'm eagerly looking for materials that I have lost and other people may have saved (downloaded to their own computers) Check out the current list of Missing Materials

    • How do I find certain things? Depends upon what you are looking for. If you are looking for wavs, go to the MINOR section, and click on the link to go to the female or male sound pages. If you are looking for other pages about sneezing, see the MAJOR section, in Deck 2. Basically, try all the links, visit all the pages- go exploring- you're sure to find something you like.

    • How do I contribute to it? *G* Contributions gooooooooood! Send! Send! Send! It depends what you want to donnate. Check out How to send contributions below, and send all to tarotgal@hotmail.com.

    • Why hasn't it been updated? Because I haven't updated it. When I feel the page has properly recovered, and I have the time to spend on it again, I will return to taking updating it as once I did. Right now, I'm feeling just in the fixing phase.

    • What's your other webpage? TG's Realm is a page just for my personal materials. It includes things like my stories, fanfics, wavs, and even childhood memories.
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About the Sneezing Fetish Return to Top
  • What is a sneezing fetish?
  • How did all this start?
  • Where can I find out more?

    • What is a sneezing fetish? There are many different fetishes in this world. Some are shared by many, some have a small "following", some are more well-known than others. A sneezing fetish is simply a fetish for sneezing. And while there are many different definitions of the word fetish, the majority of people who have a sneezing fetish are ones who see sneezing as sexually pleasing. Most are aroused by seeing others sneeze, a few even by sneezing themselves. There are many, many aspects to a sneezing fetish but the bottom line is: sneezing is stimulating, and people have a fetish for it.

    • How did all this start? In the beginning, there was the sneeze, and it was good. No, really, none of us knows how the fetish started or when for that matter. But the first known public appearance of the fetish came on the internet. It was through Usenet postings that people with this common fetish acknowledged each other. A newsletter was created, webpages were formed, then came chat and forums. There have been a wide variety of different technological solutions brought to the online fetish, from webrings to Yahoo!groups. Assuredly, the fetish did not start with the internet, but it was this medium that brought many of us together for the first time into what is sometimes called a "Community".

    • Where can I find out more? Thre are a great number of websites and groups out there on the internet dealing with the sneeze, and the sneezing fetish. www.SneezeFetish.org is the best place to start if you want more information.
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Contacting Others Return to Top
  • How do I contact others?
  • How can I chat?
  • How do I use the Sneezing Girls chat room?
  • Are there sneezing groups?

    • How do I contact others? There are many ways to get in contact with people with a sneezing fetish. The easiest is to post on the forums. You can also e-mail the people who post on the forums and run websites/forums.

    • How can I Chat? There are also a number of applications that allow you to chat: AOL Instant Messenger (AIM), ICQ, and Yahoo Messenger. If you have one of these, you can talk to a lot of sneeze fetishists who also use one/more of these services. The easiest thing to do is post a message with your screen name on a forum. There is also an MSMessenger and IRC but those aren't really used by most of the sneeze fetishists.

    • How do I use the Sneezing Girls chat room? The chat room here was once used as the chatting area for sneeze fetishists. The parachat program used in the Sneezing Girls Chat Room is a java applet. It works best with Netscape 3.0 and up, but will also work with Internet Explorer 4.0 and up. Just type in a name/handle and chat!
      The most popular times to chat are in the afternoons or late evenings from 8-2am EST. If you go in and find no one, just stay and wait(learn to multitask!), and chances are someone else will come in are probably pretty good.
      Common problems are (1)People suddenly get kicked. If this happens, stick with it. Wait and go back in- sometimes helps if you pick another name. (2)You can't use '*' at the beginning of a line. (3)If you get a gray screen and an 'applet could not be found' message in the taskbar, try reloading, or closing the browser to try again.

    • Are there sneezing groups? Yes, there are Yahoo Groups formed for those who like sneezing as well.
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    How to Make Yourself Sneeze Return to Top
    • How do I make myself sneeze?
    • What are different techniques to induce sneezing?
    • How can I make others sneeze?
    • Does sneezing powder work?

      • How do I make myself sneeze? The answer is... VERY CAREFULLY! :-) If you wish to make yourself sneeze, there are a wide variety of techniques out there that people have tired. The biggest and best way, I'm afraid, is trial and error. Everyone's nose is different and more sensitive/resistant to different things. If something feels even the least bit weird or uncomfortable- STOP! Go slow and gentle(never put anything up your nose that could hurt you- this is just NOT the way to do it...) and Good Luck!

      • What are different techniques to induce sneezing? As stated above, there are many techniques out there that have been known to induce sneezing:
        • Tissue Method This is one of the most wide-spread and successful methods of making yourself sneezing. Take a tissue and roll up one corner into a tight point. Carefully insert this into one nostril and gently circle it around to tickle. It might cause a sudden small shiver or strong sensation, but don't be afraid, keep tickling. Sometimes, if it makes you sneeze and you keep tickling, more will come right after.
        • Pepper Pepper usually doesn't work. While it makes some people's noses tickle, it usually doesn't cause full blown sneezing. In fact, strongly inhaling pepper(especially white pepper) tends to make most people's noses burn! It does work on a select few people, but keep a couple tissues ready to blow your nose on just in case.
        • SIOK Method There WAS a website out there heralding that simply by rubbing the bridge of your nose at the 'tickle spot' you could make yourself sneeze. This site has recently gone away, but a discussion can be found here Window to Wellness. I can't figure out whether this is all or just partially a joke(check out the names of these people and the success rate) but it's worth a try anyway.
        • Perfume Sometimes it's not just the scent of perfume but the overwhelmingness of it that can make a person sneeze. Overloading the senses might work(when I encounter a very stong scent, it does usually make my nose tickle). Just be careful what you inhale.
        • Toothpic/Paint Brush Bristle/Pen Cap/paperclip Method If ever there were a dangerous method, this is it. Not only could you slip(even during a sneeze) and impale yourself, but these are commen items and are probably ripe with bacteria and germs. Be VERY VERY careful about what you put in your nose. While I have talked to several people who have had these work, I cannot stress enough that this is dangerous. To use these items above, act similar to the tissue method, inserting and rolling/circling around to find ticklish spots in your nostril and tickle them. But in this method TAKE THE ITEM OUT before you actually sneeze. Again- dangerous. BE CAREFUL if you must try this!
        • Spices There are many spices which are known to produce sneezing. Ginger is one of these. But open your cabinet and experiment. Just make sure what you sniff is ok to be sniffed(Note: sniff not snort!)
        • Back Massager Steady and gentle stimulation to the bridge and rest of your nose might induce sneezes. However they can be rather expensive so if you're not well-off or already have one...

      • How can I make others sneeze? This is a sensitive subject based on the idea of morality. It's not, in my opinion, right to make others sneeze unless they know and agree to this. Not only is it not right but shows your desperation. However, this IS a common question of the forum and I felt it should be addressed anyway, in breif. There are mixtures of sneezing powder, or baby powder and pepper, that can be applied creatively to situations. For example, I believe one person included it in balloons when they were being blown for a party. Then, when the balloons were popped as a party treat or event, this substance was released. Again, I don't advise it, unless the subjects are willing participants. Most commercially sold sneezing powders are only pepper, but some (from LONG ago) contain other elements. (see below)

      • Does sneezing powder work? Most commercial brands of sneezing powder that you can by from novelty shops or from the web are simply concentrated amounts of pepper. Thus, they usually do not work. I have used sneezing powder made long ago that consisted of a different substance(s) which did work, but finding such actual sneezing pwder is difficult(this was purchased on e-bay). However, I was told that such mixtures like baby powder and pepper might work. I was also given the following to share(I've never tried it): "Start with some tobacco, good stuff, not drum or bugler you can get a pack of a good pipe tobacco from a specialty tobacconist then let it dry out. Grind it with a mortar and pestle, when its dry, to a very fine powder. The second ingredient is wild ginger root. You can find it at an asian market or an herb store Slice it thin on a grater, dry it, and powder it too. then mortar and pestle them both together."
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    How to Record a Wav Return to Top
    • What do I need to record one?
    • How do I actually do it?
    • What's the size vs quality debate?
    • Should I actually do it?

      • What do I need to record one?
        1. Sound Card- obviously, you need something that supports sound. This is probably no problem- you can buy most computers with one.
        2. Recording program. The most frequently-used one is Sound Recorder, which comes with windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, ME, etc.
        3. Microphone. I picked mine up at Staples for $5.99 and haven't had any problems(or complaints) with it! I have been informed that you might also be able to use headphones in this capacity. Just insert them into the 'mic' line in your CPU and talk into that.

      • How do I actually do it? These directions assume you are using Microsuck's Sound Recorder. I do not know MAC utilities, but I know a bunch of 3rd graders I work with who firgured out how to record sounds on their own in about 2 minutes with the new IMACs so it can't be too difficult:
        1. Open a new file and title it whatever you wish. If you are planning to send it to a page and do NOT want people to know it's you, DON'T use your name as the file name(ie, BobSn1.wav or Bob_Sneeze.wav).
        2. Go to properties. Chose to convert it, and in the huge scroll down menu you see there under attributes, select the topmost or within the first few. This allows your wav to be a little less quality, but smaller in size(which is an allowable tradeoff as with some of the others, it's so big it won't fit through e-mail, let alone uploaded anywhere). Note: if you record in a higher quality then convert, the sound will be skewed and muffled badly, so convert first if you can.
        3. You're ready to record! Just hit the record button and sneeze into the mic!
        4. When done, be sure to save it!

      • What's the size vs quality debate? There has been the same debate off and on for years now, as to whether quality or size is more important in creating wavs. Wavs can be zipped & compressed into smaller sizes, but people are still on slow connections or with small e-mail acceptance limits. Generally, it is best to compromise. Do not set the recording to the lowest setting... but not to the highest either. If you are making the wav, it's simply up to you as to what you want to provide for the listeners. Choices include: record in low quality and sacrifice a little quality, record in middle/high quality and sacrifice size/download time for some, making 2 versions (make a high quality stereo version, then convert it to a lower-level mono version), make it at a medium level and zip it, make it at a medium/high level but split it up into multiple parts and even compress/zip those parts.

      • Should I actually do it? Just because you can doesn't mean you should. Many people might PUSH you into recording a wav for them, or for the pages. DO NOT record a wav unless you feel absolutely sure you want to have others hear you. It's a wonderful thing, but I was scared at first, and others are nervous, as well. Record if and when you feel comfortable to share and if you do not, then that's just fine, too.
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    Sending Contributions Return to Top
    • Do you still take contributions?
    • How do I send Pictures?
    • How do I send wavs of myself?
    • How do I send stories?

      • Do you still take contributions? Yes I do, I just haven't put them up in a while. I have folders where I keep materials I find online or that have been sent to me. As soon as I'm ready, I will post everything I have in those new folders. It just might take a while, so you might want to wait until I start updating more before you do so. But it's up to you and I adore new material!

      • How do I send Pictures? If you wish to send a picture- please make sure it is in gif or jpeg form(otherwise I can't upload it to the page). Just use your e-mail service's 'attach' feature to send.

      • How do I send wavs of myself? If it is a sound, it should be in wav form at hopefully a low recording quality so it's not so horribly big that it eats space.(see how to record a wav above). Use your e-mail service's 'attach' feature to send. Please be sure that it is smaller than 1000k or else I cannot get it. If you're sending more than one wav at a time as well as using AOL and aren't familir with attchments from it, only send one wav in each e-mail.

      • How do I send stories? If it is a story- please let it be in MSWord, text, or html form. If you need to, you can even just type it in the body of the e-mail. If possible, it would be VERY helpful if you zipped it(using winzip) because of the way hotmail operates. But if not, I'll just cut and paste and convert it on my own- no problem :-) Again, use the "attach" function on your e-mail to attach it.
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    Other Questions Return to Top
    • Oh, tg, do you do requests?
    • Is there going to be a sneezing convention?
    • Are there videos of people sneezing?
    • So what is a tarot deck, anyway?
    • Is it ok to trade things?

      • Oh, tg, do you do requests? Generally, I'm sort of out of that business for a while, due to time- sorry :-( I do have a few stories in progress still (sorry!) that requests, but I'm not really taking any new requests for stories or wavs. If I write or create a wav, that's because I want to and that's that.

      • Is there going to be a sneezing convention? There has been talk of having one, possibly in the New York or East Coast area. However no specific place, date, or overwhelming amount of interest is ever shown. If you are interested in meeting others, check the forum for posts about it, and if there are none, post a new thread about it, and see who responds. Will I be going? Pigs, cows, and toasters will fly before I go to one. Sorry :-) People from the sneezing community (myself included) have met each other over the years though.

      • Are there videos of people sneezing? Yes! (and before you ask, NO there is NOT one of me) Please see the Webpages section above for a complete listing of sites that have videos/video clips. There are also sometimes people on the forum who have made videos or offer to whom you can contact about this. As for movies- there is an ongoing movie and television list(that I continue to update and compile from everyone) with sneezing scenes in them. Go HERE to see the list and even buy some of these great movies!

      • What is a tarot deck, anyway? It is a set of cards used to read into the future. It is set up much like a regular card deck, but with several distinct differences. The MAJOR ARCANA contains 22 cards with great meanings. Such cards include the Fool, High Priestess, Sun, Moon, Tower, Lovers, and Death. The MINOR ARCANA contains 56 cards in 4 suits. These suits tend to change depending on deck, but are typically those of Batons, Cups, Swords, and Circles. There are 14 cards in each suit ranging from 1, 2, 3 up to Princess, Prince, Queen, and King. Each of these cards has a specific meaning, as well. You can now see how I tied the TOS together using this basic form, and why the numbers of decks in sections are what they are. To use tarot cards, you perform a spread, and then a reading. Each spot in a spread represents something specific, and the card chosen corresponding to the spot gives answer to questions asked.

      • Is it ok to trade things? Of course. Everyone has his or her own opinion on the subject, however. Many people do not have access to material to trade, and rely on the numourous pages out there to supply interesting sneezing material. So your best bet when you get material is to send it to one of the pages- this way everyone can see and enjoy it. However there is always private trading going on. No one says you shouldn't do this, but it does cut down on many people's enjoyment. One major reason people privately trade is because they are shy to send personal material to a page for hundreds of people to see/hear. Wavs, stories, and other such personal material is many times exchanged by friends casually. Sometimes one person happens to be a good writer, and the other mentions a story he/she would like. Personal trades are always going on, and frowned upon by such, but if it is YOUR material, it is your decision. PLEASE DO NOT share OTHERS' private material with others or the pages without express concent of the original maker. In a private trade, you are trusted to keep the material to yourself and yourself only. That's why it's PRIVATE after all. This is a very important rule if you are going to trade at all. And just to leave this long paragraph with the point I started out with: Generosity ALWAYS pays off in the long run :-)
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