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Seeing is Believing- Male Sneezing

Movies! Yes, that's right, real movies of men sneezing. While these could have easily fit onto other pages, I put them here in hopes of perhaps getting MORE of them. They are in multiple pages for quicker downloading. So, pull up a chair, sit back and watch! You may need to download: Apple Quicktime, Real Audio Player, Microsoft Media Player, or others.

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Deck 5


NumberTitle PictureDescription
I.IB Clip 31

From: ImageBank
Need: Quicktime
II.IB Clip 32

From: ImageBank
Need: Quicktime
III.IB Clip 33

From: ImageBank
Need: Quicktime
IV.IB Clip 34

From: ImageBank
Need: Quicktime
V.Job Interview Sneeze


A commercial with a man waiting for an interview

Angry Kid-zipped

Male, multiples. Visit for some WONDERFUL short films and more of Angry Kid
VII.Sneezing Discussion Male(2). A cartoon with two guys sneezing... the second one held in. All very fake and extended. But funny none the less
VIII.Flower Sneeze

Cartoon flower allergy sneeze
Need: Shockwave
IX.Seinfeld Sneeze

Jerry Seinfeld sneezing from a Seinfeld episode
Donated by: Sir Sneezalot
X.Never Ending Story

from the Never Ending Story
Need: Media Player
XI.Fake Sneezing

off camera sneezing from Father of baby to amuse it
from the Internet
XII.That Darn Cat

Dean Jones sneezes twice in this clip
Disney Videos
Need: Quicktime or RealPlayer
XIII.Denzel 1

Denzel Washington from Heart Condition
XIII.Denzel 2

Denzel Washington from Heart Condition


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