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Seeing is Believing- Male Sneezing

Movies! Yes, that's right, real movies of men sneezing. While these could have easily fit onto other pages, I put them here in hopes of perhaps getting MORE of them. They are in multiple pages for quicker downloading. So, pull up a chair, sit back and watch! You may need to download: Apple Quicktime, Real Audio Player, Microsoft Media Player, or others.

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Deck 1
NewNumberTitle PictureDescription
I.Three Sneezes in zip
Four Sneezes in zip

Our own ProfS has been kind enough to make two short, wonderful vids of himself sneezing.

II.Imagebank Movies search for Sneeze

Huge assortment of Male and Female movies. Imagebank Movies with many movies of sneezing. For some of these movies, see decks 2, 3, 4 and 5 below.
Need: QuickTime 3

VR Sneezing

Quicktime version

A VR Object of a man sneezing that can be controlled with the mouse
The quicktime version plays by itself on media player(left-click and save as for windows users) or shows up as controllable otherwise.

IV.Baby Sneezing

Computer-generated but realistic sneeze from the 'Ally McBeal'(GAG!) baby
NOTE: this does not mean I support the show
V.Artistic Sneeze


Computer-Generated Image of a face sneezing (no sound)
Need: RealPlayer
VI.Sneezin' Buddies

2 Male, very fake. This is a short video clip from a very funny television show parody page
Need: QuickTime
VII.Nose Blowing

Never blow your nose without muting. This is from a site demonstrating bad things to do in video confrencing.



Male voice-over. A short movie someone made for class featuring a rubberband sneezing and blowing its 'nose'. He does a voice-over warning, fake sneeze, and real nose-blowing for it.
Need: QuickTime
IX.Dogma Clip

short but great clip of Matt Damon sneezing from the 1999 movie Dogma
Need: Media Player 
X.Cure for the Common Chrome #1

A computer art animation of a 'chrome' man's head sneezing. No sound, but very well done
Donnated by Cat
Aawin or another fli player
XI.Cat Hearders Commercial

Catboy(Cowboy) sneezes while riding a horse and hearding cats- obviously from allergy. :-)

X.Paper 1

From "The Paper"
Donnated by Niceguy
Need: Media Player
XI. Paper 2 From "The Paper"
Donnated by Niceguy
Need: Media Player
XII. Tall Guy 1

Jeff Goldblum from "The Tall Guy"
Donnated by Niceguy
Need: Media Player
XIII. Tall Guy 2

Jeff Goldblum from "The Tall Guy" (nudity from behind)
Donnated by Niceguy
Need: Media Player
XIV.Tall Guy 3

Jeff Goldblum from "The Tall Guy"
Donnated by Niceguy
Need: Media Player

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