Terms of Usage for TOS

I've never before needed one of these, but I've had a few reasons as of late to create one of these. So I'd appreciate a read, thank you.

Content of the Site
The Tarot of Sneezing is made up many different materials that come from a variety of sources.
  1. Some materials on TOS have been created by TG. This includes title graphics, sounds, stories, and some page content. This material should not be used by anyone at any time, especially without asking for permission first. I refuse to allow my material to be used for commercial/monetary gain even with compensation. But there are reasons I might approve the use of some of my materials for other pages, etc. Before you use anything I have created for any reason, please ask first. Violations of this will be severely handled.
  2. Some materials on TOS have been created by other people and sent to tarotgal for display on the website. These items should not be taken from the TOS and used elsewhere without permission by the original creator, not simily tarotgal. Donators trust tarotgal with their materials and the viewers of the TOS not to do anything so dishonorable. Violations of this, too, will be strictly dealt with.
  3. Some materials on TOS are public domain and come from websites or imagebanks that allow their materials to be freely used by all for non-commercial reasons. Any of these can be taken and used for websites or other means, however they are not clearly marked as such throughout the site so either find the original sources online and read their terms of usage policies or ask me.
  4. Some materials on TOS are from other websites or mediums (television shows, books, magazines, movies, etc.) and have been taken and used illegally. Any of these will promptly be taken down if there is any problem with their appearance. These items can be used by other sites but only after consulting tarotgal and putting a similar statement to accompany these materials.

Things A User May Do
  1. A user may browse the site to read, watch, listen to, etc. the materials present on TOS
  2. A user may download content on the site to store it on his or her personal computer with no intention of using it for any reason other than private viewing/listening/etc. pleasure
  3. A user may download content on the site and inquire as to if he or she may use certain pieces for an indicated reason. This inquiry should go directly to TG. However, if the materials are not public domain or from elsewhere on the internet, the answer will probably be no.
  4. A user may create materials for the site and send them to tarotgal to put on the site. These materials will ONLY be placed on TOS, not given to anyone else or posted/placed anywhere else.
  5. A user may request certain items they have contributed to the site be taken off for any reason or clarified with more detail (for example, adding a contributor's name to a piece originally given anonymously)
  6. A user may provide a link or links to the main page of TOS or a subpage of particular relevance either on a website, links section of a group or page, or in an e-mail or discussion board post. It is asked that you inform tarotagl when this is done, but you are free to link to any (HTML) page before asking.

Things A User May Not Do
  1. A user may not use or link to any materials on TOS in a personal site without first consulting tarotgal as to its legality and ownership. Permission may need to be granted or will be refused.
  2. A user may not use any materials on TOS in a book, magazine, part of a graphic, mousepad, t-shirt, or any other creation either online or offline without first consulting tarotgal as to its legality and ownership. Permission may need to be granted or will be refused.
  3. A user may not hotlink any of the materials on TOS. This means, a webmaster of another site may not directly link to any materials (other than HTML pages) that appear on TOS. This is stealing bandwidth and will not be tollerated. If you wish to use materials on the page, first ask permission. If granted, download the files to your own site and link to them there. If you do not have the space to store them, tough luck. Go without or get an account which does have the needed space to store them.
  4. A user may not use any materials on TOS for any noncommercial or commercial way without first asking permission
  5. A user may not download any materials on TOS and distribute them second-hand for any reason (including trading or selling) and/or claim that they are his or her own.
  6. A user may not abuse the website in any means including but not limited to hacking, cracking, stealing bandwidth, etc.

If you have any questions about any of these, please contact tarotgal. Thank you very much for taking the time to read!

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