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Survey Results

83 people filled out this survey. If you add up the numbers and come out one or two short or over this number, it's due to the fact a few forms sent in to me had two answers for a question(don't ask me how) or didn't answer some.
Thank you to all who filled this out(and especially those who dropped me comments). It was very helpful and exciting to see how similar and different we all really are :-) My own responses to each question are added after the stats.
Here are the rusults for survey 1: General Questions:

Q) What Sneezing do you like the best?

I really like men sneezing though, as I've told many of you, I do have an appreciation for women(otherwise, I wouldn't have bothered with that part of the page!) But, yeah. I'm into male :-D

Q) Do you like Real or Fake Sneezing the best?

Doesn't Matter-5
I'd have to go with real, as well. Though, if I am just hearing it and don't know if it's fake or not, I must admit that I don't mind that, either. But I have to agree with the overwhleming majority!

Q) What Sneezing Situation do you like the best?

Colds, Flu, etc-14
Allergies or Hay Fever-20
On Purpose(done intentionally)-9
Just Because or Other-5
Anytime/All of the above-38
No hesitation in answering, for me: Colds! I love the weakness, lack of control, what control colds can have over a guy... it was funny when I was going through and counting them. One answer would say allergies, the next, colds, the next allergies, and so on between the two- I was wondering which would win out!

Q) What Kind of Sneezing do you like the best?

Tiny, Nasal, Silent or Held In Sneezes-11
Strong, Powerful, Loud Sneezes-14
Wet, Spraying Sneezes-6
All of the above-49
I say All of the above, and then some!

Q) What Kind of Pre-Sneeze Atmosphere do you like the best?

Sudden, Without Warning-8
Built-up, with a lot of time before-24
Warning through talking and Sneeze Build-up-48
I most definitely have to agree with the majority on this one! The more time to anticipate, the better!

Q) What Sort of Sneezing do you like the best?

Completely Free and Unrestrained-29
Stifled or Held Back-8
Covered Nose-9
All of the Above-37
All of the above... it sort of depends on the time and person...

Q) Do you like them Covered or Free?

Covered with Hands-18
Covered with a Tissue-17
Covered with a Handkerchief-5
Free and Unrestrained-40
Oh! I'm in the minority now! :-) To me, there's nothing more sexy than I guy sneezing into a handkerchief...... *grin*

Q) How do you Like to Experience them?

See them-12
Hear them-14
Feel them-0
All of the above-57
Yep, All of the Above again!

Q) How do you Like them Presented?

All of the above-53
All of the Above(do we sense a pattern yet?)

Q) How do you Feel About Sneezes?

They're great, but I'm not obsessed or anything-7
I feel very strongly about them- fetish status-69
Why should I tell you?-1
I dunno!-7
Oh yeah, as if you guys couldn't answer this one for me ;-) Fetish all the way...

Q) When Did you first Realize You felt this way?

For as long as I can remember-44
Since I was young- I can remember exactly when-33
Very Recently-2
Again, Why should I tell you?-1
I don't feel any way about them, so I can't tell you when-1
Well, I only knew it was a fetish since I was a kid, but I've always been drawn to sneezing(attracted to it, if you will) So a cross between 1 and 2.. maybe closer to 1...

Thanks again, everybody and keep a lookout for the next survey! :-)
Here are a few respinses to the comments I got(many were similar):
I have no video capabilities. Even if I did... I think I'd be a bit nervous(ok, scared) at putting myself up and I don't really know anyone else I could tape. So, if you want movies, you're going to have to look somewhere else. Unless some people out there want to try their hands at it themselves and contribute them to the page(which would be terrific) it's not going to be coming from me any time soon.
I'm working as fast as I can with stories. I know a lot of you really like true experience, so I'll be setting up a sepearate section for that, as well.

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