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The Answer is: Of course!
There are always new things being added! There is an update roughly once a month. But TG DOES have a life, so if it takes a little longer, don't blame her.

New Items:

So how do you find out what's new? Well, when you see the date change on the 'Last Updated' spot(shown above) on the main page, you know that there are new things! Just click on the 'Spotlight' section to see what's new!


In the Spotlight section, you can find out about all of the new items in an update. This sections is also here to point out particular pieces which are worth a bit of extra attention. Every so often, there is a piece donnated or created that is simply outstanding, and should get special recognition. Here, you can also find a log of updates. If you haven't visited the tarot in weeks, or months, you can see all of the new items, changes to the page, and spotlight pieces added since you last visited.

Remember, contributions are ALWAYS welcome but never required. Many people feel 'obligated' to contribute- please don't. All TG asks is that you enjoy what's here. However, without contributions, there will be no updates. So if you happen to find a picture on the net, or want to write a story or record a sound- feel free to send it in! As an admired professor once told TG(me) "For every good deed, you get a star in your crown"

So now that you've seen what this page holds, go to it, and enjoy!
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