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The Sections:
A tarot deck is comprised of two different sorts of cards. There are cards of the Major Arcana, and those of the Minor Arcana. So, pages on this page fit into one of these two sections, as well.

The Major Arcana:

There are many things in the Major Arcana of general interest. For ease, they are sorted into 5 decks. These decks are:
Deck 1- Writings- Select stories, fanfic, poems, newsletters, and other writings featuring sneezing
Deck 2- Other Pages- Other pages on the web specifically about sneezing
Deck 3- Sounds- Collections or other pages containing the sounds of sneezing
Deck 4- Pictures-Collections of sneezing pictures, cartoons, drawings
Deck 5- Descriptions-Descriptions of sneezes, and miscellaneous page that fit nowhere else

The Minor Arcana:

There are many things in the Minor Arcana of a more specific nature. Just as in a tarot deck, the Minor Arcana is comprised of 4 suits(just like a regular card deck). Each Suit may have several different decks represented. An example of this is above, for male stories- items in suit 1's second deck are in a nice table. The Suits are:
Suit 1- Male Stories- Stories featuring men sneezing
Suit 2- Female Stories- Stories featuring women sneezing
Suit 3- Male Sounds- Sounds of men sneezing
Suit 4- Female Sounds- Sounds of women sneezing

As you can see, TOS is literally PACKED with tons of things for you to read/see/hear. Think you can get through it all? :-) Hope so. It may take some time, but it's all here for you to enjoy.

So what happens when you've seen it all? Is there any reason to come back?
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