History of The Tarot of Sneezing

The Tarot of Sneezing began as a way for me (tarotgal) to put all the sneezing material I liked on the web in one place. I didn't want to save it to my comp (prying eyes) so I made a website. It happened to be the third website to involve the sneezing fetish; the first two were Sneeze Fetish Online (SFO) and Sneezing Girls. I decided on a Tarot deck for the organization scheme simply to stand out and be creative. I'd never seen it done before and I thought it would amuse me to organize it like that. :-)

After maintaining the site for a few weeks, people started sending me material and giving me suggestions/requests. The site quickly evolved into something that wasn't just for me, but was for all out there who wanted a large place to put their stories, wavs, pictures, and more.

Over the years it has gone through MANY changes. Some good, some not so good. But it's rather amusing to look back upon what it used to be like! So read the stories here and click on the thumbnails for larger screen shots of the pages.

The grand opening: September, 1997
This is what the site looked like (more or less) a little bit after it opened.
There were two sections- the major and minor arcanas. The major arcana had just a simple list of 22 pages. Some of these pages were simply gateways to other pages with sneezes on them, and some had more content. At the first there were no picture galleries or comics or songs, but those were added a few months later. The minor arcana had male stories, male sounds, female stories, and female sounds as it still does. Those pages themselves remained relatively unchanged from the beginning. And for the most part, the site remained relatively ugly and boring for at least a year.

The first big changes: 1998-1999
The first big change was offering a text version of the page and a more graphical version of the page. This then equated to a text and nongraphic version verses a frame and graphical version. By this time, the pages in the major and minor sections had also grown. As Gurm had a chat program already on his site, and I was addicted to message boards in other fan clubs I belonged to, I decided to open up the first sneezing forum, which has since gone under but was fun while it lasted.
To make this easier to navigate, I changed the front page to have access to both versions. I then discovered that there were a number of people visiting my page who were not at all interested in seeing any sexually-explicit material. This prompted me to create a normal version of the page, and an adult version. The only content difference being stories, links, and wavs with adult content would only be viewed in the adult version. The resulting main page looked nice and complicated.

The redesign: Summer, 1999
After many mornings of my boss telling me to "play around today, I don't have any work for you" and many games of solitare, I took the time to redesign a few of my sites and TOS was one of them. I decided the "many colors on black" theme needed some simplifying and why not use some flair?

This new design still had a black background, but looked significantly different. The head sneezing in the graphic was actually scanned in from a common cold pamphlet from my university. I liked the profile shot and ambiguity and it fit well color-wise. The four versions were still present (text for everyone, frames for everyone, text for adults, frames for adults) but everything was much more tied together and organized for the most part. A new section called spotlight was added to serve as both an update log as well as pointing out significant contributions. From there, sections expaned. The picture galleries were given multiple pages, a video clip section was added, and much more.

The TOS went through a few more changes. I took out two of the four versions, allowing for a medium-intensity safe & adult viewing. The forum, spotlight, FAQ and a new page which listed my own materials were easily accessed from the main page.

After a while, TG's Corner became TG's Realm and the forum died off. But the page stayed the same for three years.

The re-redesign: Fall, 2002
To celebrate TOS turning 5, as the longest active running sneezing fetish website, the tarot was given another face-lift and a new color scheme and font for the first time ever! No more black! Sections were easier to get to, and sneezing itself as well as the tarot organizational scheme were clarified right up front.

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