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Female Sounds

These are wav files compiled from generous donations, recorded from tv/movies, or found elsewhere on the internet.

My Nose
It doesn't breathe;
It doesn't smell;
It doesn't feel so very well.

I am discouraged
With my nose:
The only thing it
Does is blows.

~Dorothy Aldis,
The Random House book of Poetry for Children

Deck 1
I.The Wet Result Sneeze    
II.The Drawn-Out, Long Release Sneeze From Guys 'n Dolls 
III.The Strong Sneeze    
IV.The Loud Sneeze  with a sniff afterwards 
V.The Spraying Sneeze There are many more wavs from this movie on SFO and SG 
VI.The Three Sneezes    
VII.The Nasal Sneeze From the former Claritin Sneeze Page. Can still be found on the Korean mirror site, The Sneeze Page  
VIII.The Explosive Sneeze  From the former Claritin Sneeze Page. Can still be found on the Korean mirror site, The Sneeze Page 
IX.The Wet Sneeze From the former Claritin Sneeze Page. Can still be found on the Korean mirror site, The Sneeze Page 
X.The Pleasant Sneeze   from Manequin
XI.The Interuption Sneeze Interrupts her while she's talking, and she excuses herself 
XII.The Five Sneezes    
XIII.The Strong, Drawn-Out Sneeze from Home for the Holidays  
XIV.The Spraying Sneeze    

Deck 2
I.The Guessed at Sneezes Kira from Star Trek:Deep Space Nine. When Bjorins are pregnant, one of the morning sickness-like symptoms is sneezing. 
II.The tarotgal Sneeze #1 From the last of a cold tg had a week or so after getting her mic. Nervously and reluctantly made a dozen wavs- some which came out, and some which didn't. These were the more successful of them. ~tarotgal
III.The tarotgal Sneeze #2 Same as above, though it must be stressed that these are the first ones made, and she's still nervous/shy about them ~tarotgal
IV.The tarotgal Sneeze #3 Same as above, though please excuse if they sound like I'm nervous. ~tarotgal
V.The tarotgal Sneeze #4 Same as above, because of course I was! :-) ~tarotgal
VI.The Little Girl Sneeze Karen from Frosty the Snowman. Teeth chattering from the winter cold  recorded by tarotgal
VII.The Little Girl Sneezes Karen from Frosty the Snowman recorded by tarotgal
VIII.The Very Wet Comedical Sneeze Jackie from "Rosanne" when she has the flu during a play recorded by tarotgal
IX.The Softer Comedical Sneeze  Jackie from "Rosanne" when she has the flu during a play recorded by tarotgal
X.The Backwards Sneeze Elaine from the backwards episode of "Seinfeld" recorded by tarotgal
XI.The Talked-about Sneezes PG13  
XII.The Short, Childlike SneezeThe Short, Spraying Sneeze Lucy from "The Voyage of the Dawn Tredder" recorded by tarotgal
XIII.The Mufled but Strong Sneeze from a "MadTV" skit recorded by tarotgal

Deck 3
I.The Plain SneezeEmbeded sound from a cold and flu web page Click Here 
II.The Plain, Echoing Sneeze Variation of the above from Here 
III.The Two Strong Sneezes Jamie
IV.The Sneezing Attack part1
The Sneezing Attack part2
The Sneezing Attack part3
This is tarotgal having some sort of allergy attack. I sneezed about 10 or 11 times before realizing it wasn't going away any time soon, so I decided to try to record them. I managed to get the sound recorder up and started recording. No, I don't know what caused it. Most likely dust, since I was sitting right in front of the comp, but I really don't know for sure.~tarotgal
V.The Short, Stumbling Sneeze   
VI.The High-Pitched Sneeze   
VII.The Almost Digital Sneezefrom the web somewhere 
VIII.The Mufled, Child's SneezeFrom Alice in Wonderland 
IX.The Five Tiny Sneezes   
X.The Deeply-Inhaled, Cute, Small Sneeze   
XI.The 7 Good Sneezes   
XII.The Small, Strong Sneeze   
XIII.The Accompanied SneezeDaphnie from "Fraiser" when she's sick 
XIV.The 4 Digital Sneezes   

Deck 4
I.The Giggley Sneeze  Debra
II.The Four Long Sneezeswith warningFelicia
III.The Raised-Result Sneezes  Sally
IV.The Short, Plain Sneezes  Tonya
V.The 2 Commercial Sneezes2 female sneezes in this radio commercial for Aruba 
VI.The Many Sneezes-wav  Karen
VII.The Five Rapid Sneezes   
VIII.The Short, Raised Sneezes -2   
IX.The Short, Raised Sneezes -3   
X.The Strongly Inhaled, Yelled SneezeDonnated by JB 
XI.The High-Pitched, Squeaky SneezeDonnated by JB 
XII.The Simple, Breathy SneezeDonnated by JB 
XIII.The Built-but-Stifled SneezeDonnated by JB 
XIV.The Squeaked, Wet SneezeDonnated by JB 

Deck 5
I.The 3-Parted, High-Pitched SneezeDonnated by JB 
II.The Elongated SneezeDonnated by JB 
III.The Small, Squeaked SneezeDonnated by JB 
IV.The Repeated SneezeDonnated by JB 
V.The Seven Short, Rapid SneezesDonnated by Marti 
VI.The Two Sneezes with High-Pitched Endings   
VII.The Two Wet, "Chhh" Sneezes  Carrie
VIII.The Two Short SneezesRecorded using a small hand-held recorder during class 
IX.The Very Short SneezeRecorded using a small hand-held recorder during class 
X.The Sudden SneezeRecorded using a small hand-held recorder during class 
XI.The Nicely Built-Up Sneezes   
XII.The Cold Commercial 1(1 sneeze) Alka-Seltzer Plus Commercial 
XIII.The Cold Commercial 2(1st, longer sneeze is female) SafeGuard Commercial 
XIV.The Cold Commercial 3(3 very good sneezes) Dimetapp Commercial 

Deck 6
I.The Allergy Sneezes recorded in a computer lab using a small hand-held recorder. She comments on how the computers must be making her sneeze 
II.The Short Sneeze    
III.The Announced, Cute Sneezes    
IV.The Quiet, Wet Sneeze    
V.The Well-Rounded Sneeze    
VI.The Failed Report part1
The Failed Report part2
 Tarotgal, at request/suggestion. It was an induced fit(tissue method) for purposes of the recording.~tarotgal
VII.The Giant Sneeze From the movie Attack of the 60ft Centerfold 
VIII.The Multiple, Rapid, Short Sneezes    
IX.The High-Pitched Sneeze From a sound effects page 
X.The Cold Season Both male & Female Sneezing, From a sound effects page 
XI.The Puffs Commercial 1998-9 Puffs Commercial, recorded by Steve 
XII.The First Sneeze  Wolfie
XIII.The Second Sneezes  Wolfie
XIV.The Smothered Sneeze From the movie Roxanne. It looks and is most likely naturalShelly Duvall

Deck 7
I.The You've Got Mail Sneeze From the movie You've Got MailMeg Ryan
II.The Light Sneeze     
III.The Capture 1 Recorded by Hypnos on a hand-held recorder  
IV.The Capture 2 Recorded by Hypnos on a hand-held recorder  
V.The Pepper Sneezes- Part 1 * Part 2 * Part 3 *    (DON'T HAVE)  
VI.The Tape Recorded Sneezes- Part 1 * Part 2 * Part 3 * Part 4 * Part 5 * Part 6 * Part 7 * Part 8 * Part 9 * Part 10 * Part 11 * Part 12 *  Sent by tbd and recorded to wav by tg just as they were on the tape (DON'T HAVE)  
VII.The Three Great Sneezes    
VIII.The Lost in Space Sneezes From the movie Lost in Space  
IX.The Sneezed-While-Hiding Sneeze Lois sneezes while hiding, in Sumperman II  
X.Sarah's Well Built-up Sneeze   Sarah
XI.The Very Quick Sneeze   
XII.The Commercial 1-little girl 1998-99 Tylenol Allergy Commercial  
XIII.The Commercial 2    
XIV.The Slowly-Built Sneeze    

Deck 8
I.The Allergy Sneezes   (DON'T HAVE)  
II.The Short Sneeze from the movie Housesitter Goldie Hawn
III.The Soft, Rapid Sneezes a little hard to hear  
IV.The High-Pitched Double   (DON'T HAVE)  
V.The Nurse's Sneeze from the movie The Faculty Selma Hayek
VI.The Strong Double    
VII.The Deep Sneeze   (DON'T HAVE) Susan
VIII.The Candidate's Sneeze 1 

Dharma from an episode of Dharma and Greg and a longer version:The Candidate's Sneeze 1  

Jenna Elfman
IX.The Candidate's Sneeze 2 Dharma from an episode of Dharma and Gregand a longer version:The Candidate's Sneeze 2 Jenna Elfman
X.The Cute Trailer  donnated by Rob
XI.The On-Air Sneeze Recorded from a local radio program donnated by Sneezelove1
XII.The Loud Sneeze Recorded at the grocery store donnated by Sneezelove1
XIII.The Two Sneezes    
XIV.The Small Explosional Sneezes   

Deck 9
I.Something for Everyone Part1
Something for Everyone Part2
LONG file filled with a wide variety of sneezes~tarotgal
II.The Multiple Wet Sneezes 1 Induced using paintbrush bristles anon
III.The Multiple Wet Sneezes 2 Induced using paintbrush bristles  anon
IV.The Small, Multiple Sneezes 1   Bird Addict
V.The Small, Multiple Sneezes 2   Bird Addict
VI.The Small, Multiple Sneezes 3   Bird Addict
VII.The Small, Multiple Sneezes 4   Bird Addict
VIII.The Small, Multiple Sneezes 5   Bird Addict
IX.The Helpless Sneezes    
X.Piper's Sneezes Sneezes   Piper
XI.Piper's Sneezing Fit    Piper
XII.The Cute, Little Sneeze     
XIII.The Spraying Sneeze   From an online Sounds gallery- need an mp3 player. 
XIV.The Shorter Spraying Sneeze   From an online Sounds gallery- need an mp3 player. 

Deck 10
I.The Powderpuff Sneeze  From the cartoon show Powderpuff Girls 
II.The Two Harsh Sneezes  Donnated by Smokey of Smokey&Zap's Coffee House Tricia
III.The Rough Sneeze  Donnated by Smokey of Smokey&Zap's Coffee House Marsha
IV.The 2 Strained Seezes  anon
V. The 8 Great Sneezes     Piper
VII. The Betty Boop Sneeze   Betty Boop sings "I got a tode id by doze"  
VIII. The Couples' Sneezes   from Couples (sitcom) One male sneeze, one female. Long tallk... about colds... in stuffy voices recorded by tarotgal
IX. The Candidate's Sneeze 3   Dharma from Dharma and Greg
Previous Dharma wavs have been lengthened above
Jenna Elfman, recorded by tarotgal
X. The Candidate's Sneeze 4   Dharma from Dharma and Greg
Previous Dharma wavs have been lengthened above
Jenna Elfman, recorded by tarotgal
XI. The Friends Sneeze   'Monica' sneezes from the cold Phoebe gave her Courtney Cox, recorded by tarotgal
XII. The Perfect Man 1  

from the movie Singles. Talk about how the perfect man would say bless you when she sneezes

Bridget Fonda, recorded by tarotgal
XIII. The Perfect Man 2   from the movie Singles. Sneezes to test her boyfriend Bridget Fonda, recorded by tarotgal
XIV.The Perfect Man 3 from the movie Singles. Sneezes and gets a response from her exBridget Fonda, recorded by tarotgal

Deck 11
I.The Psychological Sneeze from an episode of X-Files. A woman's fear becomes realityrecorded by tarotgal
II.The 'God Bless You' Sneeze 1 from Seinfeldrecorded by tarotgal
III.The 'God Bless You' Sneeze 2 from Seinfeldrecorded by tarotgal
IV.The 'God Bless You' Talk 1 & The 'God Bless You' Talk 2  from Seinfeld. Jerry and George discuss her sneezing. George and the woman talk more about 'God Bless You's. No sneeze in either of them, just talking recorded by tarotgal
V.The 'You're sooo Good Lookin' Sneeze  from Seinfeld. Jerry blesses a woman with the new method recorded by tarotgal
VI.The Abrupt Sneeze    
VII.The French Class Sneeze  subtle, but there  
VIII.The Small Sneeze  very small and cute  
IX.The Multiple Fun Sneezes  multiples  
X.The Built Tiny Sneeze  and it all leads up to...  
XI.The Allergy Commercial 1 from an allergy commercialrecorded by Sophocles
XII.The Allergy Commercial 2 from an allergy commercialrecorded by Sophocles
XIII.The Sharp Sneezes Allyson

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