The Tarot of Sneezing

I'm sorry to say that after so many years of serving the community, I no longer have the interest and time to maintain this public archive. As it is a compilation of materials assembled by the community, I intend it to stay online as an archive to be enjoyed (for as long as my overly generous webhost will let it) but nothing more will be added to it. If you have something to contribute, there are lots of great places that have taken over that function so visit one of them. Please note that all of the terms of usage still apply, however (apart from the 'submitting to' bit, of course).

I've had a lot of fun running this site and getting to know a lot of you, but it's just not what I want to do or where I want to hang out any longer. If you want to visit me, I now live in my own realm.

My thanks goes out to all of you who've contacted me over the years and especially to those who have donated so generously to the site- you have inspired and entertained me. Many hugs go to those of you stumbled upon my site as your introduction to the online world of the sneezing fetish- congrats. So to all the loyal TOS visitors, goodbye, play safely, and have good lives!

Peace, Sneezes, and Thanks for All the Fish,
tarotgal 10/18/05

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