The Experiment

She thought it was a little odd, but hey, if it turned him on, then she would try it. It wasn't dangerous, and she sort of enjoyed it anyway. Well, here goes.

It always worked in cartoons and stuff, but she doubted it would be that easy. She held the pepper shaker in front of her face and looked at it. Then she put it under her nose and sniffed. She could smell the pepper, but nothing more. She put her nostril right against the top and sniffed again. This time she felt a burning sensation. As she breathed in deeply, her nose began to tickle. "This is actually going to work", she thought. The sensation begame stronger and stronger. It actually began to feel like a sneeze building. She looked at him and smiled. She drew in a series of breaths and then gave in to a delicious, high-pitched "at-sheeoooo"! Of course, now that the pepper had her, it was not going to let her off so easily. She sneezed a total of five times. She had just enough time between them to smile before her eyes started to close and her nostrils flared.

"Wow! That really worked!", she exclaimed once she was sure the pepper had wrought its last sneeze.