He had always wanted to try it. In front of him sat three women who had invited him to entertain them with hypnosis. He spoke to all three, carefully hypnotizing them with his soothing voice. Now for the fun!

In the first place, each one of these girls was beautiful, which only heightened his excitement. Then there was the fact that he could get on demand what he normally had to wait for at random. He explained slowly that whenever they heard or said the word "cat" that they would sneeze three times. Not rapidly, but as

though they were struggling against it. Almost an orgasm of sorts. He awakened the girls and engaged them in conversation about pets.

Jane commented that she had a cat. No sooner than the word was passed her lips, she paused and drew in a short breath. "That's funny," she said, "I feel like I have to ... ahh ... ahhhh ... ahh-choooo! Oh, ex..ahh...cuse...me...ahhh-chooo! There's one more... It won't ... ahh... come ... out... ATSHIUUUU!"

"I'm really, sorry!" apologized Jane, "I don't know what came over me." ("But I do!", he thought.)

While Jane was sneezing, Linda was rubbing her nose. Elaine's nose was tickling, but she was trying to ignore it.

"Boy, my nose sure tickles!" said Linda.

"Mine too" agreed Elaine. "I feel like I'm on the verge of a sneeze, but it ... won't quite ... kachooo! Well, that's ... that's ... kachooo! ... better. I don't know ... what could ... kashhhooooo!! ... have set me off."

"It sure is odd ... ssshhhhhoooooooo!" sneezed Linda at last. She reached for the box of tissues on the end table. Just as she lifted the tissue to her face, "ssshhhooooooooo!" She blew her nose, but still the tickle wouldn't leave. Her nostrils quivered and flared. Her eyes squinted. She took in a short breath, then

seemed to relax momentarily. But it was not to be. As her nose twitched she inhaled again and surrendered. "Sheeoooooo!"

"Boy, I wonder what set us off!" exclaimed Elaine.