"Are you sure you know what you're doing?" Vicky inquired.

"Yep, got everything under control." Bill replied with confidence.

It was 11:30 at night, everyone except Bill and Vicky left the shrink ray lab. They planned this "experiment" for some time and left nothing left for chance. It was a long holiday weekend and even the janitor was home. For extra measure, they bolted the door and pulled down all the shades so that no external light would enter or no internal lights would leave.

Bill made a few last adjustments on the machine making sure the ray would be focused on the exact spot he would be sitting. Any poor calculation and the experiment would fail. It took the machine thirty minutes to charge. Once it was discharged, it would be only able to be used to enlarge the subject and then it had to be off-line for two days. Those two days would be long enough that the other scientists would not know what they were doing. With each passing second, Bill became more excited of what they were about to do.

"Are you ready?" Bill asked

"Everything is all set. I just have to activate the firing mechanism and I will control....I mean shrink you to a size of a silver dollar!"

"Ha, Ha, Ha...Very funny....just in case you have any smart ideas, I have the remote and can enlarge myself back if needed."

"Don't you worry, you're in good hands!"

Vicky pressed the final button to activate the ray. Bill positioned himself on the platform so that the ray would hit him directly on the center of his chest. He placed light blocking goggles on and waited for the humm of the machine to increase. Louder and louder the humming began until it blocked out all the sounds of the room. Then, as if my magic, the sound stopped and he new either he was the size of a silver dollar or the machine malfunctioned. "You can take of your goggles now!" Vicky roared

"You can take of your goggles now!"

Vicky roared Bill removed his goggles and was able to see. Even if he left them on, he knew the experiment worked. Vicky's voice was very loud and startled him. It sent shockwaves throughout his body, just like feeling a sonic boom from a Concorde. Every breath, every movement Vicky made, he could feel it. He started getting excited about Phase 2 of their experiment.

"Not so loud! Remember, everything is multiplied one hundred fold, so whisper."

"Sorry, Let me transfer you to the "house". I'll just uncover it and we can begin."

Vicky walked over to what seemed to be a bird house. She took off the blanket and revealed a box that was only opened on one side. Inside the box, there were a miniature light, a video camera, sound recording equipment,wind speed measuring device and a very compact computer. Earlier in the week, Bill shrunk a work station with all the necessary equipment for his project. No one became suspicious, because they all though he was doing this to see if the equipment will work in a shrunken condition.

Carefully, Vicky picked up the platform Bill was on and moved it to the "house". The trip went without incident. The ride felt like a very bumpy air line ride. She gently placed the platform in the box and Bill got to work setting up the equipment. Just a few more minutes and the experiment was about to begin.

He couldn't believe how big and awe inspiring Vicky looked from this size. Under normal conditions, she was only two inches shorter from his 6'5" frame. Now, she towered over him like a large office building. He always though she was incredibly attractive. In this state, she seemed like a goddess. Beautiful, long brunette hair, legs that went on forever and giant eyes that would, and could swallow him whole. Even her long nostriled nose he adored. He was still amazed that when he asked her to help him, she accepted.

Bill strapped himself to the computer desk and turned everything on. He placed the headset he was wearing in the desk and focused the side video camera to his profile. Using facial and head movements, he was able to communicate with Vicky. He could hear everything she said, but at this small size, his voice would not reach her. She gave him a thumbs up sign, signaling she was ready.

This was a one-shot deal. Once the experiment began, it could not be stopped. After the experiment, Bill expected that most of the equipment would not survive. Luckily, everything would be recorded on the computers in the lab, so he did not mind. He gave one last check of the other video camera and sound recording equipment. He made sure the camera was focused on Vicky's face. After the final check, he nodded his head in and up and down motion, signaling Vicky to begin the experiment.

"You better hold on tight, this is going to be a bumpy ride!" Vicky whispered as soft as she could.

From a small bag, Vicky took out a box with a tobacco looking substance in it. She placed a small amount of the substance onto her fingers and sniffed it hard into her nose. Almost instantly, a tickle blossomed in her nasal passage.

She loved the feel of a sneeze coming on. The feel of it growing and building beyond the point of stifling it. Her sneezes were strong and took a while to build. She even liked to make herself sneeze when no one was around. When Professor Bill Louden asked her to participate in this special experiment, she was surprised. Someone else was interested in sneezes, she wondered if he was as fascinated with the sneeze as she was.

He already could feel her sneeze building up momentum. At first, he could see her nose start to twitch. Her eyes were also starting to water. After a few more seconds, he could feel his body and the area around him start to shake. It wasn't very much, but he noticed it none the less.

Her sneeze began to grow and grow. She began to worry about if Bill would survive. Her sneezes were extremely powerful and at this shrunken state, she though she might blow him away. Then she realized he knew what he was doing and let the sneeze take control.

"aaahhh...I...thththiink....aaahhh....the sn...snn...neeeezzee...aaahh..iiiisss...aaahh..aah..ggggoooddd...ahhh ooonne..."

The first wave of gasps began with earnest. He could already feel himself being drawn towards her mouth and lungs. He observed that the equipment were shaking as well and hoped the video would come out o.k. He also knew that this was only the beginning and soon he would find out if this "house" would be able to survive a sneeze of epic proportions!

"III..aaaahhhh..c.c.cccanttt..aaahhhh..AAAAHH..be..bbbeee..belll..aaah..believe...the...p..pp.AAHHHH..ppowwwer..ooofff... AAAHHH..th..th..thiisssss..Snn...SSNNeee...AAHHHH..SNEEZE!!!!"

Bill couldn't believe it either. He could hear the desk being ripped out from the platform. With each inhalation, he was being forced forward and with each exhalation, was being ejected hard back. By now, the sound was geting so loud, his eardrums were starting to hurt. He just couldn't imagine what would occur when the sneeze ended. It felt as if he was in a path of an enormous huricane, getting stronger by the second. The heat and moisture of her breath was also starting to become uncomfortable.


Vicky's head tilted back to as far as it could go. Her lungs filled with as much air as they could possibly contain. The lab coat she was waring became taugh around her chest. Her eyes closed tightly and her mouth opened as wide as it could.


The force of the sneezed caused Vicky to double over. She almost lost her balance but caught herself in time to prevent hitting the workstation. She wondered if he was alright and survived her powerful blow.

Bill held on for dear life as Vicky's sneeze left her nose and mouth! The force was so strong that he, the desk and everything else was blown into the back of the box. He felt as if he was caught in a tidal wave because her sneeze doused him with saliva. After the initial shock wore off, he felt around to make sure he was not seriously injured. After a preliminary check, he pressed a button on his remote. The ray machine began to hum and again Bill was engulfed in bright light.......

"Are you O.K.?" Vicky asked sympathetically.

"I think so. MY GOD, I never knew you had such and enormous sneeze? I thought I was in a tornado!"

"Yeah, maybe I should have warned you about it. Usually it's not that bad, but since no one was here, I decided to let it all out. By the way, how did the experiment work out?"

Bill logged on to the computer and checked if everything recorded alright. After a minute of checking he turned to Vicky and gave her a big smile.

"Perfect!!!! The video, the sound, even the wind speed readings all came out great. Take a look for yourself."

Bill turned the monitor over to her and showed her some of the data and video. She couldn't believe how she looked when she sneezed. The way her body tilted back and how her face became contorted. She also was surprised to she that the speed of her sneeze was almost two hundred miles per hour.

Bill and Vicky spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning up. They made sure that everything was spotless. He tried to clean the workstation but it was to much of a mess. He told Vicky that if anyone asked what happend, she should say that he accidentally droped it on the floor. The other scientists would still be mad, but at least they would not know the real reason. They both did a final check, shut the lights and left the lab keeping what happened that day a secret for a long, long time.