Aaron's Allergic Sister ~ part 1

By Gabrielle (SugarNymph@aol.com)

Aarons older sister Kell had allergies. She had developed them her first year in high school. She was a pretty girl, with maple brown hair, silky and straight that she swept up into a ponytail. She was thin with a cute, upturned nose and big, light blue eyes. She was a very popular girl at theirhigh school and she was terribly embarrassed by her allergies. She had sneezing attacks during Springtime. "Hayfever" Mother had called it. It was the pollens in the trees and flowers that made her sneeze uncontrollably, and Kell would just sneeze all day.

It probably wouldn't have been such a big deal to Aaron except that Kell always turned away from him when she needed to sneeze. She refused to let anyone see her face when she sneezed, turned away, left the room, whatever she had to do so no one could witness the sneeze. Aaron heard plenty of her sneezes, but never saw her face during even one. Lately, Aaron had become obsessed with the idea of seeing his sisters face while she sneezed. He had begun to enjoy her sneezing fits immensely, the sound was like music to him -and he was filled with desire to see her pretty face when she sneezed.

At night, he would lay in bed in his room, listening to the sneezes that would come from Kell's room. Her sneezes almost always came in pairs with a "Heyeshoo!" sound. "Heyeshoo!" Then a pause, and again, "Heyeshoo!" He could hear her grabbing at the Kleenex, rolling around in bed, unable to keep from indulging the urge within her to sneeze out the pollens which tortured her allergic body. He wondered if her face would show very much - if she would have that irresistible urge written all over her face or if she would just squint her eyes and sneeze quickly. The sound of the sneezes coming from his sisters room changed to, "HaMmmph!.....HaaMmmph!" He could tell she was burying her face in her pillow to try and stifle the sound of her sneezing which echoed through the house. Aaron rolled over and began to plot a way to see her face in the throes of a sneeze.

Aaron was doing some gardening when his sister got home from school. "Hey Kell!" he greeted her. She was feeling her nose tingle like mad standing out amongst the flowers and plants, she had to get inside. "Hey," she managed to say, but felt a sneeze welling up and took off running for the house. She swung open the door and rapid sneezed 4 times into the empty hallway. "Heyeshha! Eshha Eshha! Eshha!!!" Her allergies were really acting up. She went into the bathroom to splash some cold water on her face and blow her nose before she called her boyfriend. There was NO way she would sneeze while she was on the phone with him. It wasn't feminine.

Aaron was thinking, he could see his sister on the phone from the kitchen window. No doubt with her boyfriend. Aaron had an idea. He quickly gathered up a bouquet of ragweed, and various flowers, fresh and sticky with yellow pollen and started for the house. When he got in the doorway, he could see his sister on the phone, her back was to him. With all his might, he shook the flowers so they exploded into a cloud of pollen and then threw the flowers back outside before his sister could see what he was doing. He hid behind the wall and watched her silently. Her back was still to him. He stood there for what seemed like an eternity. Sneeze, he willed her silently. He watched her for any signs. Then it happened. Her whole back tensed up noticeably. Her head leaned back a little and he heard her sharp, uncontrollable inhalation of breath. "Heeee!" He knew she needed to sneeze but also knew she wouldn't let her boyfriend hear her sneeze.... Aaron smiled mischievously, this predicament was almost as good as seeing her face would've been. Aaron guessed that Kell's boyfriend was asking her if something was wrong because Kell forced out the word "Nothing." It sounded strained. "I'm...I'm fi..." Kell was trying to say the word fine when the sneeze tried to push its way out and Kell's lower lip sucked under, "f-fff-ffff-ff!" She was desperately trying to holdthe sneeze back. "Fff, fff, fff!" Her head jerked up with the need to inhale and sneeze. Aaron watched her ponytail bob. "I'll call you back!" She criedand slammed down the phone. Immediately she exploded into sneezes."Haatchoo!!!! Heyeeshhoo! Hasshhoo! Haatchooa! Hareshhoo! Eshhoo! Eshhoo!"They were screamed, violent sneezes. Her hayfever driven to a frenzy. She turned around to run to the bathroom, her eyes watery and filled with agony, her nostrils flaring, her lips quivering. When she saw her brother she covered her face and ran to bathroom, slamming the door behind her. She stayed there, sneezing dozens of helpless, allergic sneezes into tissues. Aaron's whole body was tingling, that was the closest he had come to seeing his sister sneeze... true, he hadn't watched her face during the whole process, but there was always tomorrow.