Pamela Anderson's Sickday

Note: +18

Pamela sat on her couch and looked at the clock. She waited desperately for Chris to come home so he could take care of her. She sat in a T shirt and panties, her bare legs and feet stretched out on the couch. She was tending her cold on her own, for now, with a box of tissues at her side. She felt a sneeze coming and she covered her nose and mouth with a tissue. "Ehshooo!" her wet muffled sneezes came one after the other, with a few small gasps in between.

"Ehshooo! Eh- Eh- Eshshooo! *sniff* eh, eh, ehsshhht." She caught the last one by covering her small, flared nostrils with a tissue. She blew hard into a tissue. When she had gotten a new tissue out to wipe her red, runny nose she heard keys jingling outside the door. Chris came in and plopped a bag down on the kitchen counter, and then came over to sit by Pamela.

"How's my poor sick girl?" he said and kissed her on the cheek. "*Sniff* I'b feelig a bit better, honey, but it's hard to get better when you're not here to take care of me." she said in a stuffed up voice as she snuggled up to Chris.

"Well, don't worry baby, I brought you home some chicken soup for dinner, and if you feel like it later, some massage lotion." Chris winked.

"Mmm," Pamela ran her hand up Chris's leg. "That sounds good, let's skip dinner and why don't you take care of me now." Pamela coughed.

"Are you sure you're up to it?" Chris asked eagerly.

"Ehshoooo! *sniff* I'b been waitig all day for you to come home, Chris, don't make me wait any longer, eh, eh, eshhooo" she sneezed again into a tissue and blew her nose. " I'm so sick, I need love."

Chris agreed and they both went into the bedroom. Pamela laid on the bed and Chris sat at her feet and got out the massage lotion. He rubbed some on his hands and caressed her small, soft feet. He started at the heel, running his hands around the smoothness of it. Then he took his index finger and lightly touched the arch of her foot, causing her to squirm at the tickle.

"Ohhh." Pamela groaned. "You know how that turns me on Chris. Don't stop." She closed her eyes and smiled. Suddenly she felt a sharp tickle in the back of her nose. She sniffed a few times quickly in loud snuffles to try to get it out, but it was no use, soon she was overtaken with a fit of sneezing like no other she'd ever had before. "ehhh, ehhh, I thig I'b going to ehh sneeze" she mumbled fumbling for a tissue, but none were to be found. Chris loved to see her sneeze, and he kept caressing her smooth feet, kissing them. "Ehhhshoooo! Eehhhshoooo! *sniff* ehsshooo! Eehhshooooo!" One after another they filled her nose and she released them, she sprayed them everywhere, even on Chris, but he didn't mind, he just kept rubbing her beautiful feet, he moved on to her toes, sucking on them, which caused Pamela an even bigger sneezing attack, as she became more and more turned on. "ehshhhhhoooo! Eh—ehh—ehhssssshhoo! Ehshoo! *sniff* Chris, I want you" she said finally after what seemed like an eternity of sneezing pleasure. Chris stripped down and she stripped too. He entered her with a force that was magnified because just as he entered her, she gave a mighty "EHSHOOO!" that made her fly forward right into him.

Her sneezing gave their lovemaking a fantastic rhythm and they both experienced the most pleasure they had ever had before. Pamela moaned and began to breathe deeply and quickly in between the wonderful sneezes. "ehshooo! Uhh uhhh ehshooo!*sniff*" She didn’t have enough strength in her to sniff often and her nose ran freely. She took a deep breath in, and sneezed a great big wet one right out of her nose "ehshhhhhhhht" and she climaxed. Her screams of pleasure and sneezes caused Chris to come, and they both moaned with satisfaction.

Pamela finished her sneezing fit and Chris lie down beside her as she drifted off to sleep. He wiped her red nose for her as it ran, and she occasionally sneezed "ehshooo!" at the tickle of the tissue. Chris watched her closely, tissue in hand, until he was sure she was asleep, he pulled some warm blankets over her bare body, first taking care to kiss her feet quietly, and he left to make her some chicken soup.