Mysterious Sneezes

Note: 18+

Charles was annoyed, it was 6.28pm on a Friday afternoon and here he was still at work, climbing the stairs at Prendergast, Prendergast and Sons for his final meeting of the week. Mr Prendergast Jnr. could only see him at 6.30pm and he was an important client so Charles had been told to be there.

He opened the door onto an empty office, there was just a desk in the corner behind which during office hours sat a receptionist. A small notice on the desk said ‘When unattended please push buzzer for service’. Charles did that, a loud buzzer sounded in another room and he sat on one of the two chairs obviously meant for visitors. No-one appeared and not a sound was heard, Charles was just about to give up and leave when suddenly he heard an ‘AAAAAACHHHHHOOOOOO’ quickly followed by another AAACHHHHOOOOUUUUMMMPH’ the second one being a much more muffled sound. He was suddenly alert, they sounded like female sneezes and all his life he had been attracted by that sound, a fact he had told no-one about. Another ‘AAAAACCCHHHHOOOOUUUUMMMPH’ exploded in the distance and he felt himself become quickly aroused. He heard footsteps approach down a corridor and a door behind the reception desk opened. Standing there was a blonde girl about 28/29, 5ft 8 tall and very well endowed, dressed in a elegant business suit holding a office diary in one hand. Could she possibly be the sneezer he wondered?

‘Are you Mr Johnson?’ she enquired, in what to Charles was possibly, hopefully, a snuffly voice.

‘ Yes’ he replied, ‘I have an appointment at 6.30 with Mr Prendergast’.

‘I’m so sorry ‘ she said, ‘He’s been called away, can he please rearrange it for next week’

Charles was annoyed, all this additional time for nothing!

‘I suppose so’ he said angrily and stood up, getting his diary out of his case. As he turned back to the girl he suddenly noticed that she was carrying a red and blue patterned handkerchief in her other hand, she was the sneezer!

‘What date have you in mind?’ he asked

‘How about …..’ , she stopped, Charles noticed her nostrils flare and her voice change

‘AAAAAAAAAAAAAA………CHHHHOOOOOOOUUUUMMMPH ’ the build up was only seconds, Charles wished it had been longer and her hand moved up quickly to catch the sneeze in the handkerchief, but to his eyes it was wonderful. His ‘Bless you ‘ and the girls ‘Excuse me’ were said simultaneously and before having a chance to continue she quickly dropped her diary onto the desk and said

‘Oh No, I’m going to sneeze again….. AAAAAAAAAAA CHUUUUUOOOUUUUUUUUUMMMMPH’. To his eyes this was even better than the first, her body rocked in half and it sounded really wet, even though she had caught most of it in the now prepared handkerchief.

Unfortunately this display had now aroused Charles even more and whilst arranging the next meeting for Thursday the following week he had to ask the girl

‘Can I use the toilet before I go?’ She told him it was first on the right down the corridor and he quickly departed, he couldn’t control himself much longer.

After cumming in the bathroom Charles was really annoyed with himself at letting this chance go. As he washed his hands he said to himself ‘Why didn’t you ask her name, why didn’t you ask whether it was a cold or an allergy, what an opportunity lost’. He wondered if she would still be there when he left the room? Of course she wasn’t and Charles sadly turned to leave. Suddenly another ‘AAAAAAACHHHOOOUMMMPH’ was heard and he had no option but to turn and walk towards the source of that wonderful sound. He would make up some excuse he thought to himself and opened the door behind reception through which she had come and he presumed recently returned. It opened into a corridor with three doors, two were shut and all lights were out but the one at the end was open and he walked towards it. He slowly looked around the doorframe and into the room, desperately trying to think of a question if asked what he wanted. The room obviously accommodated two people but there was only one present and she was sitting at a desk with her back to the door. Among other things on the desk Charles could see two damp, used handkerchiefs, one being the one she had carried and used in reception. She was currently taking from her bag another one – this time a yellow patterned one and her heard her say aloud in a really wet, muffled voice

‘ Come on little nose let’s have another one’, whilst holding the handkerchief open in one hand she took from the desk a small glass bottle with a spray attachment and sprayed the air around her.

She replaced the bottle on the desk and within seconds Charles could see her body go rigid, her nostrils were obviously twitching her breasts were bouncing and she began to pant

‘AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHHHHHHHHHHA………………’ Charles was completely captivated .


‘AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH …………CHHHHOOOOOOOOOUUUUMPH’ she exploded. Very loud and very wet, some spray even escaping from the handkerchief she covered her nose with. As he

stood and watched in wonderment Charles felt a familiar tickle in his own nostrils, it must have been the spray she had used he thought. Now Charles had allergies of his own and was used to knowing how strong a sneeze would be and he knew that this was going to be a big one. He quickly grabbed for his own handkerchief from his trouser pocket, dropped his case and ‘AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACCCCCC CHHHHHHHHUUUUUUCHHHHHOOOOUUUUMPHHH’ he exploded similarly to the girl had just done.

‘Bless you’ the girl said and smiled, she had turned just to see Charles in mid-sneeze.