By MagickalSnapdragon

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Willow/Tara (that means hot lesbian sex, kiddies…you are officially forewarned)

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Disclaimer: yeah, I know, characters from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” are property of Joss Wheadon, blah blah, Mutant Enemy, blah blah…I don’t own them, but if I did, I’d treat them with a lot more respect than those wankers. And I’d keep them significantly further from gunfire.

Spoilers: everything through “Seeing Red,” except for the horrible last scene that we won’t mention because it never happened. We will find Willow and Tara happily right where we left them, snuggled up in their bed in the Summers’ house…and poor Willow has a cold. There’s a little bit of background/build-up, so try to be a tiny bit patient—the smut will arrive! Enjoy!



Tara opened the bedroom door quietly and peeked in. Willow was sprawled dejectedly on her side on the rumpled bed, somehow managing to look at her laptop screen at the odd angle while sniffling audibly and rubbing her nose, which was almost as red as her hair. Her face was a combination of pouty Willow and sleepy Willow, and Tara’s heart swelled just looking at her. She had only just moved back in with her girlfriend—no, her soulmate—and she had barely taken her eyes off her love for a second.

            “Baby? I made you some tea.” Tara finally announced her presence after a good long moment of Willow-watching, her lips automatically blossoming into a lopsided grin as Willow’s warm green eyes met her own.

            “Thanks, Honey,” Willow smiled as she sat up and took the steaming mug with one hand, the other going unconsciously to Tara’s back, where a little bit of skin was peeking out above the waistband of her pajama bottoms, just begging to be caressed. She looked into the cup for a moment, a tiny thought line appearing between her brows. “There’s, uh…no magic in here, right?” She asked hesitantly.

            “Just the old-fashioned kind,” Tara assured her. “You know, some rosehips, honey, and a lot of love.” She leaned forward and kissed her lover’s unusually pale lips.

            Tara!” Willow squeaked. “You shouldn’t be kissing me. In, in fact, you shouldn’t even be in here! Go, um, go help Dawn with her homework. No Willow sneezies for you.” Willow shook her head gravely.

            Tara bit her lip petulantly as she gazed at the woman she loved. There were a million very good reasons why she would never leave Willow alone while she was sick. But there was also one profound and overriding reason that Willow didn’t know about—that no one, in fact, knew about. She grinned and shook her head, thinking of how close she’d come to telling Willow about her kinky little secret, the last time her girlfriend had caught a cold. But, she reflected, that had been a very long time ago…over a year, in fact. Willow was seldom ill, and she didn’t appear to be allergic to anything. And, what with their recent separation, demons, hell gods, having her soul sucked out her ears and raising Buffy from the grave, well, it just hadn’t come up. Besides, it wasn’t as if Tara didn’t see stars every time they made love, anyway. Willow didn’t even have to try to turn Tara on. Every freckly inch of her body, and every quirky turn of her thoughtful mind, sent Tara over the moon. But, Tara reminded herself, as it just so happened…there was, also, one particular thing that drove her insane every time.

            “Will, honey, I’m not going to leave you alone while you’re feeling all yucky. Besides, we’re been in bed for the past two days exchanging bodily fluids.” Here the two exchanged a lascivious grin, as each of them went over some of the finer points of those lovely two days in their heads. “If I’m gonna get it, then I’m gonna get it. Now, drink your tea before it gets cold.”

            Willow was about to comply, but froze with the mug halfway to her mouth. Tara gulped as she watched Willow’s eyes flutter and her mouth open slightly, an expression of expectancy on her face. Her eyes slid closed and she went all breathy, then her nose scrunched up in protest to the beckoning sneeze. Tara felt the heat shooting to her groin, tinged with a slight pang of guilt that she was getting such pleasure (secret pleasure, she had to remind herself) from Willow’s suffering. But the moment was short lived as Willow leaned forward, her hand flying from Tara’s back to press her knuckles hard against her nose, and her eyes squeezing shut as she sneezed a great “Huh-shooo!

            “Bless you,” Tara said sweetly, getting pleasure even from that. Willow grumbled inaudibly and grabbed a tissue from the bedside table, rubbing her nose raw. Tara sighed as she watched her lover. Tell her? It seemed at turns stupid, embarrassing, and completely natural. She didn’t get it, but hey, why did that matter? She didn’t “get” what made her gay, either, but she had never really lost any sleep over that. She knew Willow loved her completely; it wasn’t as if she was worried about it really causing a problem between them. It was just…the one thing. The one thing no one knew about. Well, it had originally been one of two things, but since she’d found out on her 20th birthday that she wasn’t secretly a demon, after all, then there was just the one thing. Watching people sneeze turned her on. Big time. And, lucky for her, her girlfriend had what in her opinion were the world’s sexiest sneezes. Granted, they were few and far between, but that only served to increase her relishing enjoyment of them. Willow’s sneezes were breathy and lusty, and oh so expressive. They seemed to rock her whole body, and Tara couldn’t help it, it made her randy.

            Like right now. She could feel her pulse begin to throb between her legs as Willow’s eyes slid shut again. That was another great thing about Willow’s sneezes—they were each a separate event, never in a string. This meant each had its own build-up and release, infinitely more satisfying. Tara watched her lover’s eyebrows quirk into an almost-frown as another sneeze rocked her small frame. “Atchoo!

            Tara tried not to squirm too noticeably on the spot as Willow blew her nose, wetly. Oh yes, there was definitely much wetness at the moment…Flushed, Tara bit her lip at the same time that Willow looked up and caught her eye. Tara froze, the word “busted” flashing across her mind, while Willow merely looked confused, if not a little inquisitive.

            But not judgmental, Tara noticed.  No, her Willow would never judge her. Tara saw the wheels turning in Willow’s head, as she opened her mouth to speak, but her breath caught in her throat. Damn, Tara thought, another one? She had never seen Willow sneeze this much. It must be her lucky day. Impulsively, Tara reached out and drew Willow’s hand away from where it was poised to cover her nose and mouth. Their eyes locked, Willow’s fighting to stay open; Tara pressed her own hand lightly over Willow’s mouth, careful not to smother her lover’s breathing, so that her index finger put gentle pressure on the underside of Willow’s nose. This seemed to be some sort of catalyst for Willow’s sneeze; her eyes squeezed shut, and her whole body jerked forward as she sneezed into Tara’s hand with an explosive “Hatchoo!

            Tara nearly came on the spot, the force of her lover’s sneeze dripping down her hand like the honey from her orgasms. She had never done anything like that before, not with anyone. It had been an impulse. She just wasn’t sure it was the right one.

            Willow watched Tara’s eyes, filled with want and uncertainty. The want she was used to; the uncertainty she thought had gone forever, along with the endearing stutter her lover had shed as she’d grown into a confident young woman. Tara looked ready to apologize, or explain away what was becoming so obvious. And Willow found that she didn’t want her to do that, not at all. A sexy grin spread over her full lips as Tara removed her hand.

            “This is turning you on.” It wasn’t a question. Tara, her eyes still locked onto Willow’s, simply nodded. She looked a bit paralyzed. “Wow,” Willow murmured, crawling closer to Tara and straddling her lap, her hands winding into Tara’s honey-blond hair. “And here I thought the all-naked, all-gay, wild Wiccan weekend was over till I stopped with the sneezies.” She slipped her hand into Tara’s pajama bottoms, grazing lightly through the liberal moisture she found in the curls there. “Guess not.”

            Tara was riveted. She couldn’t move at all. Staring up into Willow’s mischievous eyes, she opened her mouth several times to try to speak. A firm finger came down on her lips, as Willow shook her head.

            “Don’t say anything, Baby,” Willow whispered huskily. The thrill of something completely new that could turn Tara on like this was coursing through her like liquid hot magma. Something wholly undiscovered. And, she reflected, it made her feel sexy, despite her runny nose and gravelly cough. She grinned wickedly. “Let’s just…see where it goes.”

            “Okay,” Tara whispered back. She was beyond reasonable response, anyhow. The sudden light that had been thrown onto her secret desire, and the knowledge that Willow could now wield it consciously, even deliberately, was making her drip with raw need. She began to tremble. With a throaty growl, Willow kissed her, pushing up against the length of her body like a cat in heat, her legs wrapping around Tara’s waist. Tara moaned into the kiss, her hands going under Willow’s pajama top to stroke the impossibly soft skin of her back. Willow gently detached one of her hands from Tara’s blond tresses, leaning back just enough to worm her hand between them and squeeze her lover’s luscious breast. Her fingers quested between the buttons, trying to find purchase on skin, searching for a rosy nipple. The flannel proved too much of an obstacle, however, and Willow growled again in frustration.

            “Off,” she gasped, and Tara nodded, raising her arms so Willow could pull her shirt over her head.

            “You too,” Tara murmured before Willow could latch onto her breasts. Once that happened, Tara knew, there was no diverting her attention—she always had been a breast gal. Whimpering, Willow held up her arms, wetting her bruised lips as Tara pulled the silk pajama top up and over her head. The action left her shoulder-length red hair askew over her face, and Tara giggled as her girlfriend shook out the silken strands, giving her an unimpeded view of Willow’s face once more. Her face which was once again contorting in a very sneezy way.

            The thrill that shot through Tara this time was unlike any she’d felt before. This time, Willow knew what it was doing to her, and she didn’t have to hide it. She ran her hand across Willow’s temple, watching her blink rapidly as her nose crinkled adorably. Then she pulled her forward until their foreheads touched.

            “Don’t hold it back,” Tara murmured, the feeling of Willow’s ragged breath against her mouth intoxicating.

            “Wh-Willow started to say, but she never finished as the sneeze ripped through her, propelling her into Tara’s body even more. “Huh-choo!

            Tara gasped in ecstasy as Willow sneezed against her. She’d never realized how intimate this would feel…never even imagined. How could she? Sex with Willow was always intensely intimate. But this…Tara was strung so tightly, she felt sure she’d come at a feather’s touch. Drawing her forehead back, she whimpered as Willow gazed at her, almost leering, then wiped her nose carelessly with the back of her hand, sniffling decadently.

            “You like that, huh Baby?” she murmured, reveling in the sensations of Tara squirming under her.

            “Please, Willow,” Tara gasped, the ache threatening to overtake her. “Please touch me.”


            In response, Willow planted her hands firmly on Tara’s shoulders and pushed her gently back onto the bed, letting her weight rock her trembling lover deep into the twisted blankets. Keeping her eyes locked on Tara’s, Willow almost got lost in the deep, clear blue gaze her love was leveling at her. Without tearing away, she drew her hands down Tara’s stomach, fingers splayed, leaving little trails of electricity in her wake, until she reached the waistband of her girlfriend’s pajamas. Without pausing, she wrapped her fingers around this final barrier and began to pull them down, Tara lifting her hips without being asked. Willow stifled a moan as Tara’s utter perfection was fully revealed. She would never stop being in awe of this body, this body that loved her so fiercely, the only body that would ever touch hers again. Her nose being very stuffy, Willow had to lower her head close to Tara’s hot and sticky center just to get a whiff of her arousal. It made her groan out her pleasure, that hot spicy scent that was Tara, that was Tara’s need for her.

            “Oh, God, baby, you’re so wet,” Willow murmured, nuzzling the baby soft skin of Tara’s inner thigh. She was determined to take Tara’s pleasure to the very edge; the feeling of being in charge was somehow unusually clear at the moment and Willow was enjoying it.

            Willow!” Tara cried out plaintively, squirming and whimpering like an overexcited puppy. Her hands reached out and wound themselves into Willow’s soft red hair, trying not to pull or hurt, but desperate in their grip. “Now,” she beseeched. She wasn’t commanding; she was begging. Oh, yes, Willow liked this quite a lot.

            With a soft exhale of breath over her heated center, Willow finally lowered her lips to Tara’s desire, her tongue coming out to take one luxurious swipe up and over her clit. Tara screamed, her hips bucking up and nearly causing Willow to chip a tooth. Grinning, Willow went lower as Tara’s hands began clenching and unclenching in her hair. Without warning, Willow plunged her tongue deep into Tara’s opening, licking all the way back up to her clit in a long and satisfying stroke. Feeling Tara shudder, she pulled back just a hair, and began blowing a cool puff of air over Tara’s throbbing clit.

            Tara was babbling incoherently by now, helpless against her lover’s ministrations. Spots of color danced across her eyes. Her body didn’t even seem to be under her control anymore; it didn’t belong to her. It belonged to Willow. Always Willow. Her love and desire at a fever pitch, Tara looked down in ecstasy to watch Willow’s face as her tongue danced. At some point, Willow had slid two fingers into Tara and was pressing them in as deep as they would go, as her mouth concentrated on torturing her girlfriend’s clit with indirect stimulation. All the muscles of Tara’s body were clenching; she knew she was about to come. Close, so close…

            Abruptly, Willow stopped. Tara made a sound like she’d been punched, the loss of contact making her hips buck involuntarily. Then she looked, dazedly, into Willow’s eyes, and realized why she had stopped. This time, Tara didn’t have time to think, or relish the moment, as one sharp intake of breath was all the warning she got before Willow’s sneeze exploded over her thighs, her belly, her dripping cunt. Her nose actually pressed against Tara’s opening as her body jerked with the force of a great “Huh-chooo!

            Tara felt, rather than heard, the scream that ripped from her body as she came. It was as if her entire body was clenching and unclenching around Willow’s strong fingers, wave after wave making her shudder and gasp. She was still taking huge gulps of air as Willow crawled up her body and collapsed lazily against her, a huge, self-satisfied grin covering her delicate features.

            “Wow,” Willow sighed, after planting a soft, loving kiss on Tara’s lips. “I can’t wait to get sick again.”


The next morning, Buffy rubbed her eyes sleepily as she shuffled to the bathroom in her yummy-sushi pajamas and slippers. Pushing the door open, she let out a startled squeak when she realized that Willow was already there, standing at the counter with the cabinet open.

“Sorry Will,” she offered, shaking her head to clear the last of her early-morning fogginess. “I didn’t think you’d be up.” She noticed the aspirin in Willow’s hand and gave her a sympathetic smile. “Still feeling blechy, huh?”

“Oh, uh, no,” Willow stammered, avoiding Buffy’s eyes. “I’m great. A-OK, top o’ the morning. It’s, um, these are actually for Tara.” Buffy, with her usual cluelessness, failed to notice the guilty expression or the blush coloring her best friend’s cheeks at the admission.

“Oh, bummer,” she said sympathetically. “I guess you guys are just stuck with catching each other’s colds and stuff, what with sharing—“

“Drinks!” Willow interjected. “Yeah, um, we’re always drinking out of the same glass…we, uh, we should stop doing that I guess, I mean, when one of us is sick, but I guess you don’t always know until you are, sick, I mean, and by then—“

“Hey, Will, relax,” Buffy giggled, interrupting another classic Willow-babble moment. “Just go take care of your girlfriend, and don’t worry about any scoobyage today. I think all the local demons went on holiday this week, anyway.” She smiled benevolently as she gave this pronouncement, feeling very generous. She was marginally aware, however, that Willow was not paying attention to her words.


            “Huh?” Willow blinked as her eyes re-focused on Buffy, taking her attention back to her best friend and away from the sound of Tara sneezing repeatedly from their bedroom. She was wondering if that would turn her girlfriend on, too, and she was very keen to find out.

            “Oh, right Buffy. No Scoobyage.” She held up her hand. “Aspirin. For Tara. In Bed. Gotta go!” And she dashed off, leaving a very confused slayer in her wake.



***************THE END****************