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Author's note #2: this story was written over a year ago for someone one the now-defunct mailing list. His fetish was more about women's noses then sneezes, and this story reflects that. I modified it 10/98, inlining the multimedia objects and tightening up some writing. Send constructive critisism to, flames to /dev/null.



"Stop being silly", Lily said to herself, as she carefully laid the cream-white eggs into the wicker basket, "she must like omelets, or something".

That morning, Lily's family had been awakened by a loud rapping on the door of their small cottage. Grem, the 14 year old apprentice to the Sorceress Arissa, stood stiffly on their doorstep. As soon as they opened the door, he announced in the strident voice of those who lack confidence, that Her Ladyship would pay 5 silver pieces for 5 dozen eggs, if they were delivered to her tower by midday. Then, without waiting to hear their response, he turned and scampered along the dirt path.

This was an incredible offer; most times a dozen eggs barely fetched a copper. Without even eating breakfast, they had gone out to the henyard, praying that there would be enough eggs. There was, with one to spare. Since Lily's parents were getting on in years, and not as fleet of foot, Lily would make the trip. She placed the eggs carefully in two baskets, pausing just long enough to tie back her hair and have a drink of water. Then, she set out along the eastern path, toward the Sorceress' tower.

Like most of the villagers in the small farming town of Harwick, Lily knew almost nothing of the Sorceress Arissa. She lived in solitude, in a jet-black tower on the eastern edge of town. Her spells helped the crops grow, and deterred any passing raiders intent upon pillaging the town; in exchange, the farmers each gave her a small share of their harvest. She had been there as long as anyone could remember, but few had seen her, for she emerged from her tower no more than once or twice a year, and she rarely stopped by the town.

Such arrangements were not uncommon in the land of Dominia; as many as one in four towns and cities had a wizard who lived nearby, exchanging protection for sustenence. Indeed, the bargain Arissa struck was more than fair; many wizards demanded large sums of money for their services, while some others helped themselves to the sons and daughters of the townspeople, taking them to their abodes for Heaven Knows What.

Most were more sociable, though. The first rule in Harwick was, leave the Sorceress alone. Before they ever left the house alone, mothers would tell their children never to ring the bell on the iron gates that surrounded her tower. Thus, Lily's already considerable nervousness doubled as the ebon tower came into view between the trees.

"Come on. It's not like she eats children or something..." Lily tried to calm the butterflies in her stomach as she paused, gazing at the dark monolith. "I'll just give her the eggs and leave. No sweat. Easy as pie. Easy as taking candy from a..." her metaphors failing, she slowly walked forward. All of a sudden, the butterflies took leave of her stomach and moved down to her bladder. She turned and headed for a small pond she had passed a hundred feet back.

Once there, she looked at herself in the crystal waters. Lily was about 5'9", with a farmgirl's hefty build; her arms were not tired at all from carrying the heavy baskets. She had a wide, freckled face, blue eyes, a cute nose, and ruby red lips that spent most of their time in a friendly grin. Her blonde, curly hair was tied back in a ponytail. She had average hips and small, firm boobs. She wore a plain pink cotton blouse and loose, white linen pants. Being a simple farm girl, she didn't own any bras or panties. After making sure nobody was nearby, she pulled her pants down to reveal a wide, thick growth of honey-blonde pussy hair. She squatted, and had any fish chosen that moment to look up, it would not have seen her tight slit, for her golden curls covered every inch. After a moment's pause,. the 17 year old farmgirl relaxed her bladder, and the pond ran yellow. Then, she dipped an oak leaf in the stream that fed the pond, and carefully wiped. Then she took another leaf and did it again, because hey, it didn't hurt to be sure. Then, she reached for yet another leaf and wiped her pussy once more, because hey, it killed time...

"Dammit, enough. I'm a big girl, and I'm NOT scared." So saying, she pulled up her pants, grabbed the eggs, and strode toward the tower. Arriving in less than a minute, she reached for the bell chain, and before her courage could leave her, gave a good yank.

'Diiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggg. . . ddooooonnnnnnnnggggggggggggg"

The world stood still for a few moments. Then, silently, the gates opened.

Lily walked up the tower. It was absolutely smooth and featureless, like a night sky. It was, in fact, carved from a single piece of black marble, which would have made most people boggle, but the naive farmgirl knew nothing of the value of the rare stone. She likewise failed to marvel at the vast mahogany door and barely noticed the obsidian doorknocker. All she thought was, gee, everything's black.

As she approached, the door opened. She stepped into a room as large as the tower, about 12 feet high. It was obviously a storage room, for all manner of crates and bags lay about. Lily recognized sacks of wheat, bolts of cloth, cured hams hanging from the ceiling, and boxes of vegetables. Other things, she didn't recognize at all. The room was well lit, but no light source was evident. In the center of the room, a spiral staircase wound both up and down, made of the same black marble.

After a moment, a faint voice drifted down. "Up heeeere..."

Summoning the last of her courage. Lily climbed the stairs and arrived at a very ordinary kitchen. Pots, pans, stove, table, cabinets, the usual kitchen stuff. Through a half open door, a pantry could be seen. The stairs continued up.

Lily heard a faint noise behind her. She whirled around. Her heart jumped, for the figure before her could be none other than the Sorceress Arissa. She stood about 5'8", very slender, with jet black hair flowing in waves down to her waist. Her eyes were very dark, her nose small and firm, her lips small. Although Lily knew that it was impossible, she looked like she was in her mid-20s. She wore a flowing, short sleeved robe of the finest black silk, held tight around her waist by a leather belt, which had numerous pouches and pockets, many full. On her feet were black velvet slippers with leather soles. Her breasts were large and full, her skin impossibly white. She had an air of confidence used by kings, emperors... and Sorceresses.

Lily expected her to speak with a voice crackling with authority, sort of like Charlton Heston, James Earl Jones, and Captain Kirk all rolled into one. Instead, she smiled and spoke to her in a friendly tone. "Hello, and welcome. Thank you for bringing the eggs on such short notice. Just set them on the table there. What is your name?"


She reached into a pocket. "Nice to meet you, Lily. Here's your money."

"Thank you, Your Ladyship."

The Sorceress laughed. "Please, call me Arissa. 'Your Ladyship', hmmpf. Makes me sound like some petty Kjeldoran noblewoman, married to some overweight merchant. None of that for me..." she paused. "Tell me, Lily, have you ever slept with a man?"

Lily gasped. No one had the right to ask that of her. However, being with someone who can kill you with a single word tends to set one's moral sensibilities aside. After a second, Lily stammered out, "No, Arissa."

"A shame. A beautiful young girl like you could have any man she chose. Heck, I'm over five hundred years and I can still catch a man once in a while...", she licked her lips. "Thank you for coming, Lily. Before you go, I'd like you to take a look at something. " She opened a cabinet, and took out a strange object, and placed it on the table.

Lily gazed at it. It was a bronze helm, with a high crest. It seemed incredibly ancient. Every square inch was covered with intricate engravings and strange runes, the likes of which Lily had never seen before. As she gazed at it, each carving seemed to meld into the rest, forming a continuous scene playing out across the helm. Even after a minute, she found it impossible to tear her gaze away. The helm seemed to grow until it filled her entire field of vision. She couldn't think about anything else. As she continued to stare, slack-jawed and unblinking, it got harder... and... harder... to... think.... about..... anything.............. at............... all......................

"Easy as pie", mumbled Arissa, tucking the helm under her arm. "Like taking candy from a... follow me, Lily." She started up the stairs. Lily followed, moving like a sleepwalker. They climbed six flights to the very top; Arissa's bedroom. It was a wide as the tower, 20 feet high, with a crystal skylight. The room was dominated by a massive four poster bed, ten feet wide, eight feet long, and four feet high. The silk sheets and thick quilts were black, while the canopies were wine-red. The coffee colored wool carpet was easily three inches thick. She had over a dozen tables, nightstands, and bureaus, scattered with mysterious magical objects, and even more mysterious feminine toiletries.

Arissa set the helm on a table, then walked over to her bed and beckoned Lily to follow. When she arrived, Arissa gazed into her eyes for a moment, then reached over and began to stroke her nose. Lily simply stood, her mind numb.

First, she placed her index finger on the bridge of her nose, and gently stroked up and down. Then, the sides, first right, then left. Arissa's nipples began to grow hard. She rubbed the very tip of Lily's nose, moving it around in little circles. Her fingernails were jet black, and cut very short. After a moment, she began to stroke the underside of Lily's nose with her finger, moving from one nostril to the other and back, slowly at first then faster. Her other hand stroked her crotch through her gown.

"Strange, isn't it, my little Lily. I can raise hurricanes, earthquakes, summon all manner of men, beasts, djinn and demons, and bind them to my will... but tell someone that I get off on nostrils, and they look at me like I have toes growing out of my forehead, and shake their heads sadly. So, I have to entrance people to get what I desire. Sigh..." With a single, fluid motion, she shed her robe. She wore a black lace bra, and black panties of the sheerest silk. "Don't worry, Lily. It won't hurt. When I'm done, I'll magically erase your memory and send you home. You can tell your folks I had you cook the eggs for an extra silver..."

Stroking her crotch with one hand, the Sorceress gently inserted her pinky into Lily's left nostril. It fit her finger exactly, "How does that feel?"

"Tight", Lily replied tonelessly.

Arissa stroked her finger in and out, alternating nostrils every so often. She felt the bony bridge and fleshy outside. Her left hand continued to massage her dampening panties.

After a minute, Arissa stopped and removed her bra. Her breasts were the size of grapefruits, incredibly firm, almost conical. Her half-dollar sized areolae were dark red; her nipples were like two nails. She paused to rub one, closing her eyes. Then, she gathered a pinch of her luscious, jet black hair, which reached down to the top of her firm rear. She began to stroke Lily's nose with the ends of her hair.

"How does that feel?"

"T-tickles!", gasped Lily.

She moved the hairs to the base of her nose. "Now?"

"Tickles, and itches! Going to s-s-sneeze!"

Arissa stroked the young girl's nostrils with her hair for a minute more. Lily didn't sneeze, although she wrinkled her nose furiously. Finally, Arissa relented. "How does your tiny little nose feel now, honey?"

"It still itches..."

"You can scratch it if you want"

Lily furiously scratched her tender nostrils with the knuckles of her left hand. Arissa watched breathlessly. She felt a tickle on her inner thigh, and saw that her black silk panties were totally soaked through. She pulled them off. Her crotch was totally hairless. Lily could see her deep crack begin halfway down her prominent pubic mound and continue down between her legs.





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Arissa walked over to a dark maple chest, opened it, and removed a crystal case. She took that over to Lily, and opened it. Inside was a black flower, over eight inches wide. She held it before Lily's face. "Sniff, and tell me you it makes you feel."

"Smells sweet... makes my nose itch... ahh... nose itching so bad... aaahhh..." Lily's eyes squeezed shut. Arissa rested a finger directly under Lily's nose. "Ahhh... I can feel it...

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The rushes of warm air across the Sorceress' finger turned her on even more. She thrust her left forefinger into her slick vagina and wiggled it around. Seeing that Lily's eyes were still closed and her breathing ragged, she pressed her body against Lily's, their faces inches apart.

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Lily sneezed right in Arissa's face. The Sorceress was in extacy. She pressed her breasts against Lily's, through her blouse, the fabric stimulating her rock-hard nipples. She reached a hand up Lily's blouse and fondled her breasts; they were extremely firm. Arissa stood on tiptoe and first kissed Lily's nose, then licked it, her tongue penetrating Lily's nostrils a bit. Arissa's left hand was a blur, two fingers pistoning in and out of her hole. She moaned. Her right hand drifted down from Lily's breasts, rubbing her tummy, then into her pants. She ran a finger through Lily's thick bush, then she ordered the younger girl to spread her legs, and explored further down.

The Sorceress Arissa was well over five hundred years old. She had been to distant lands, held court with kings and sultans, seen sights few mortals had seen and fewer lived to tell about. However, she recieved the greatest surprise of her life when her hand approaced Lily's pussy.

Lily's crotch was soaked. Totally drenched. Every single curl of hair was wet with her juices. Her inner thighs were running like rivers. Lily's pussy lips were engorged, standing firmly apart. Her inner delicates were as slick as wet ice. As Arissa explored her, Lily moaned throatily.

"Lily... are you... aroused?"

"Yes, Arissa."

Arissa touched her hands, each wet with one of their juices, to Lily's forehead and chanted a few arcane syllablles. Lily staggered backward and gasped, suddenly free from the helm's mind-numbing effect.

"Lily, did you enjoy my playing with your nose?"

"I... I... my mind was all fuzzy, but when you took your robe off, I got all warm and tingly inside... I kinda like girls, though I never told anyone. And when you licked my nose, I... sorta liked it."

"Really? Do you like me?"

"Yeah, I do. You're real interesting." Lily's hand drifted toward Arissa's breasts, but paused.

"Go ahead."

Lily placed her palm on Arissa's large, conical breast and rubbed. It was the first time she had ever touched another girl sexually, and she liked it. The streams flowing down her thighs started anew.

"How do you like my nose, Lily?"

"It's nice." Lily began to stroke the sorceress' nose. It was slightly smaller than Lily's, with cute, oval nostrils. Lily rubbed it all over.

Arissa reached over and pulled down Lily's simple white linen pants. Lily stepped out of them, then shed her blouse, leaving her naked. She resumed caressing Arissa's delicate nose. Arissa fondled Lily's pussy with her right hand and her own with her left. Both girl's began to breathe quickly, and Arissa moaned involuntarily. She placed, one, two, three fingers into her vagina and began to thrust slowly. She started to do the same to Lily, but the young girl yelped in pain.

"Oops, sorry. I forgot you were a virgin."

"That's all right, Arissa."

"Would you like to cure that little condition, Lily?"

"Who, your apprentice?"

Arissa giggled. "That tubby little toad? I wouldn't touch him if he were the last man in the Planes...", she walked over to a dresser. "Well, actually, I was _really_ bored one day, and horny... he lasted exactly five seconds. Sheesh." She walked back to Lily, holding a strange object. "No, I think we can do this ourselves." The object was a double-headed dildo, two feet long. It appeared to be make of pink stone, but Arissa could bend it easily. She opened her legs and inserted half, then bent the rest upwards. The Sorceress now sported a tool that would make any man envious. "It's enchanted, so I can feel with it too", she said, lovingly stroking the shaft. "What do you say?"

The 17 year old virgin looked at the three inch wide dildo, and blanched. "M-maybe another time, Arissa."

"All right." She withdrew the pink tool and set it aside. The two girls resumed playing with each other's noses. They rubbed each other for a while, then Lily leaned forward an sucked on Arissa's nose. Arissa squealed with pleasuse and inserted a finger into Lily's nostril, and rubbed. They remained in this position for several minutes, then broke apart, gasping for air.

"I really like you, Lily"

"I like you too, Aaahhhr..."


"I liii... I...



"Bless you. I see I forgot to put away the sneezeflower." She picked up the black lotus and was about to put it back in it's case, when Lily stopped her.

"I see we have a lot in common, Lily." She climbed into the huge bed, under the warm covers, followed by the younger girl. She took a deep breath, and blew into the sneezeflower, sending a barely visible cloud of pollen into the air. "That will remain in the..."

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"...air for hours, Lily. Now, lets get to know each other a bit... a bit..."

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"... a bit better."

The girls embraced each other warmly, breasts pressing together. The kissed, rubbing their noses together. With their free hand they stimulated each other's pussies. Lily inserted a finger, something she had wanted to do all her life. Within a few minutes, both launched into shuddering orgasms. Arissa moaned, while Lily screamed. Afterwards, they held each other tightly, Lily's finger still in Arissa.

"Lily, would you like to be my apprentice?"


"Yes, you, silly. Being conscious while under the effects of the Helm of Obedience shows at least some magical talent. I think you could be a sorceress someday."

"But my family needs me..."

"I'll take care of them. I'm rich, and I like omelets. What do you think?'

"I'd... I... aaaAAAACCHHHHOOO!!!... I'd love to!"

They kissed again. be continued???